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Yongbyon is a city located in the Northern Province of North Korea.

It is made up of four subdivisions, these are: Yongbyon City (HQ for the Russian Mafia), Yongbyon Reactor, Yongbyon Processing Plant and Yongbyon Station.

Yongbyon CityEdit

Yongbyon City is a small city in the middle of the Northern Province. At its peak it featured few buildings, and even fewer since the start of the war. If the player ventures into the city now, they will find a large number of leveled buildings. Some of the few standing buildings are the Russian HQ and the Russian Chop Shop.

Yongbyon ReactorEdit

Yongbyon Reactors are towering structures just a few miles south from Yongbyon city, as the name suggests they are nuclear reactors, used to contain nuclear chain reactions, which in turn produces electricity. They are featured in a single contract, which includes protecting a group of Allied Nations inspectors. They also feature a cash challenge, which involves dropping Sungri Scouts into the open top of the towers.

Yongbyon Processing PlantEdit

The Yongbyon Processing Plant is a facility a few miles west of Yongbyon city. It is a facility dedicated to the separation of plutonium from nuclear fuel. The facility was more than likely used to produce General Song's nuclear weapons.

Yongbyon StationEdit

The Yongbyon Station is a train station to the north east of Yongbyon City. There is not much to look at; it is simply a station for the former Korean rail line.

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