Yo-Ho-Ho and a Truck full O' Rum is a cargo challenge contract offered by the Pirates from the Pirate HQ in Mercenaries 2: World In Flames.

Truck of Rum

In-game InformationEdit

"The UP mercs have confiscated a cargo of rum from the Pirates. Take the Rum back and deliver it to La Cantina in the Maracaibo outskirts."
Fiona's summary

Cargo Requirements and Rewards:Edit

  • $20k+ $__k out of $23.7k of rum to deliver
  • Level 1: $4.7k worth of rum must be delivered, gives Buju Tenchnical (Shop)
  • Level 2: 8.5k worth of rum must be delivered, gives Gunney Attack Copter (Shop)
  • Level 3: 15.1k worth of rum must be delivered, gives Armadillo (Shop)


This contract is not necessary to accomplish anything story related; this is purely a side-mission. It involves the player trespassing into Universal Petroleum restricted territory to steal a pickup truck loaded with rum and then delivering a required quantity of cargo to La Cantina. Resistance becomes much stronger when going up levels, Level 1 will have Ravens, Level 2 will have Archer Guntrucks, Level 3 will have the lethal Rogue Assassins.

It is highly recommended to complete all 3 levels before the Allied invasion to reduce interference and traffic, it is also incredibly difficult if not impossible to complete at Level 3 when under Pirate disguise or when hostile towards Universal Petroleum and the Allied Nations when they are present. This is because UP mercenaries and AN troops will lead a merciless pursuit by ramming into the truck and by standing Statesmen IFVs will fire auto cannon and TOW missiles into the truck, most likely resulting in the loss of the rum and truck.

On Level 3, the Rogue Assassins will be a big issue if hostile since they will shoot the rum out of the pickup with their miniguns and unload rockets and ATGMs. Another issue that applies to all levels is that there is an Anti-Tank Rogue on patrol at the Maracaibo Airport Outpost that will lock-on and fire its ATGMs on any hostiles passing on the road to Maracaibo, this is impossible to avoid when playing alone.

If the player does not let themselves be Pirate disguised and has non-hostile relations to the AN and UP, this contract will be extremely easy. Some UP mercenaries will fire on the truck because they are scripted to do so but they will not aggressively attempt to stop the truck, most by standing UP forces will also not open fire. The AN soldiers will most likely remain neutral in the fight.

Using a helicopter to winch the truck and complete this contract is possible but the moment the truck gets winched, the cargo will fly into the air, wasting a large quantity of it.


  • This is the only cargo challenge where delivering the whole cargo does not reward a $2.0M bonus.

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