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Infantry Weapons[]

Individual Weapons[]

  • Pistol - In Mercenaries 2, it has 15 rounds per magazine and is used by every faction in the game (except the PLA) as a personal defense weapon. As may be expected, it is weak (6 shots to the body to kill a VZ regular troop). Only use if you don't feel like meleeing and have no other gun. There are two pistol skins and they are identical in every way except appearance:
    • SIG Sauer P226 - is a Swiss/German made semi-automatic pistol in use with several armed forces of the world including the U.S Navy Special Warfare Group and the U.S Coast Guard. It comes chambered in 9x19mm Parabellum, .40 S&W and .357 SiG.
    • IWI Desert Eagle - The legendary Desert Eagle makes its appearance in Mercenaries 2, only used as the Pirates' sidearm. One of the first commercial semi-automatic pistols designed to accept high-caliber magnum ammunition, the Desert Eagle has since become a staple in video-games and action films.
  • Hunting Pistol - Is actually a revolver, based on the Smith & Wesson Model 500. This high-power, heavy-weight hunting revolver is the weapon of choice for the traitorous mercenary Blanco. Holding five shots, this accurate revolver shares the same reticule as the .50cal/12.7mm snipers, can kill almost anything that is not sitting behind a quarter-inch of hardened steel (AN, PLA and VZ spec-ops will manage to survive a non-headshot). Without cheats or glitches, it only appears once in the whole game.
  • Shotgun - A pump action shotgun based on the M4 Super 90 made by legendary Italian shotgun manufacturer Benelli. It is used by the Pirates and VZA. Holding 7 rounds, it is of limited use. Only truly strong at under 10 meters, one of its drawbacks is the slow rate of fire. Even if skilled, use of the shot intervals can be very effective, it seriously loses effectiveness as the game progresses. It is nothing that any gun (except the Pistol) or a good swift smack across the face can't do better.
  • Machine Pistol - In Mercenaries 2, it is something of a primary service weapon for the Pirates and Venezuelan Gangsters. It shoots very fast but is good only for short ranges (it can reach medium ranges with sustained fire). It holds 45 rounds per mag. It is has two in-game variations which are essentially the same but have different skins:
    • MAC-10 - A machine pistol, the MAC-10 was originally designed as a compact firearm for use by Special Forces. Most notably used by Special Forces in Vietnam, it was found to be hard to control and uncomfortable to fire. It has since gained a somewhat undeserved reputation as a criminal weapon.
    • Mini Uzi - The baby brother of the legendary UZI sub-machine gun, this compact machine pistol was designed originally as a Personal Defense Weapon for those requiring a compact and fast-firing weapon, such as armored vehicle crews. In Mercenaries 2, it is identical to the MAC-10 in terms of functionality. The only difference being who uses it: this is the personal arm of the Venezuelan Gangsters, the white-clad men working for Ramon Solano.
  • PDW - The Personal Defense Weapon. This compact, ultra-modern Russian-built personal defense weapon is the PP-2000, comparable to German H&K MP7. It is the most powerful portable automatic weapon in the game, it has 30 rounds per mag and a high rate of fire. It possesses more power than an Assault Rifle and less spread than the Machine Pistols. A great weapon for close to medium ranges.The only way you can get this is by beating Fiona's challenges and getting access to Fiona's Favorites supply drops, only ten can be obtained.
  • Covert SMG - The MP5 is well renowned as a controllable and accurate sub-machine gun, in use by many Police, Counter-Terror and Special Forces groups around the world. The SD version comes with its own integral, non-removable suppressor. On top of being suppressed (which does not affect gameplay), it is as powerful as the carbine and more accurate than the Machine Pistols at the cost of rate of fire. On the downside, it is not silenced at all. Think of this as a carbine with less accuracy but with a more unique look. The Covert SMG is a very rare weapon only acquired in the Covert Weapons Drop.
  • Covert Pistol - The Covert Pistol is a very rare weapon only acquired in the Covert Weapons Drop. It is a SIG Pistol with a silencer equipped. Now, you may think "finally stealthy missions and assassinations!," but you would be terribly wrong. There is no such thing as stealth in this game, there is no in-game stealth mechanic. It does however help the player feel like Sam Fisher.
  • SMG - This prototype Chinese SMG has yet to be adopted by the Chinese Military, but seems to be the primary Personal Defense Weapon of the PLA by 2010. It is a unique design with a top-loaded helical magazine like the American Calico and Russian BIZON Sub-Machine Guns. Though not as accurate as most assault rifles, it holds more ammunition (50 rounds) and has a faster firing rate. It is part of the PLA supply drop.
  • Assault Rifle - A shared in-game name between the AKM and AK-103. They inflict the same damage, it takes 4 body shots to kill a VZ regular (in the first contract for Solano, it is 3). Not a bad choice until something better shows up. Slight differences apply:
    • AKM - The Avtomat Kalashnikova Modernizirovanniy is back in Mercenaries 2, appropriately enough in the hands of the People's Liberation Army of Venezuela . This symbol of the spread of Communism is more accurate than the Machine Pistols or Shotgun at a range and with ammunition so plentiful, it may as well be almost growing out of the ground.
    • AK-103 - The AK-103 design takes the AK-47 and fires it into the 21st Century. Intended as an export model (the real-life mainstay weapon of the Venezuelan Army), the AK-103 is made using high-tech composite materials that lighten the weapon, but also maintain durability. It also comes with a barrel compensator, much like the AK-74's, that improves the accuracy of the weapon. In Mercenaries 2, the differences between this and the AK-47 is that the AK-103 has a slightly longer barrel and possibly slightly higher accuracy. The AK-103 is mostly black (or dark grey), and can't hold as many reserve clips as the AK-47. Since they have the same name in game, they are interchangeable ammo wise making it harder to swap between weapons.
  • Carbine - Based on the M4A1, a carbine version of the M16 with a 14 inch barrel and telescoping stock. Used by U.S. Forces in a variety of different configurations, it is also the preferred weapon of choice for Tactical Solutions mercenaries working for Universal Petroleum. This particular brand has a flat top for accessories such as red-dot sights, though it does not have any of these. It shoots faster, is more accurate but less powerful than the AK's (6 body shots to kill a VZ regular), but less common since it is only in the hands of UP mercenaries and very rarely in the hands of AN soldiers.
  • Combat Rifle - The XM8 was a prototype 5.56x45mm weapon designed by Heckler & Koch in conjunction with the U.S. Military and is based in part on the German G36. Originally the assault-rifle component of the Objective Individual Combat Weapon, or O.I.C.W, it became a stand-alone project when the OICW was cancelled to replace the M16 in U.S. service. However, it too was also cancelled. Despite this, it is the AN's primary infantry weapon. It has a relatively high rate of fire, it holds 40 rounds and is as powerful and possibly more accurate than the carbine.
  • Bullpup Rifle - In the words of Mattias Nilsson, this gun is funky, Chinese, and it kills people. Developed in 1995 to replace the ageing AK-47 variants used by the Chinese Military, the QBZ-95, also known as the Type-95, is a radically different design. It is in a bullpup configuration, like the French FAMAS or British SA-80 and is constructed largely of polymer materials. It also fires a whole new round, the 5.8mm round, which is said to have superior ballistic qualities to the 5.56 or 5.45mm rounds. In Mercenaries 2, the QBZ-95 is the most basic weapon for Chinese forces. Compared to the Combat Rifle it is perhaps slightly less accurate, has a slower rate of fire but hits a bit harder. It can be obtained through the PLA supply drop.
  • Automatic Rifle - This gun has low accuracy, same damage as the Assault Rifle. It has 75 rounds per magazine. It is available in two skins, both appear to be statistically the same and are terribly inaccurate.
  • Light MG - An early version of the M249, it fires a 5.56x45mm round on a 100-round disintegrating belt. Carrying more ammunition than the Automatic Rifles, damage is same as the Carbine but it is in no way accurate, you will often find yourself spraying a lot but that's why there's 100 rounds in it! It carries the most ammunition of any weapon in the game and is carried by Universal Petroleum mercenaries and Allied Nations Heavy Infantry.
  • Sniper Rifle - Sniper rifles make for an excellent 'stealth' weapon. Score a headshot on an enemy from afar, and his friends will never notice a thing. However, it's hardly the biggest caliber rifle nor the most accurate, and it takes up to 2 to 5 shots depending on the type of soldier if you can't score a hit to the head. It is useful at tuning your sniping skills until you get something of heavier caliber. Available in two skins, same name, ammunition is interchangeable but slight performance differences may apply, they can be held differently using a glitch (Russian variant being one-handed like a pistol):
    • Russian Sniper Rifle - Yevgeny Dragunov's designated marksman's rifle returns in Mercenaries 2. It is used by the Universal Petroleum and VZ but sold by the Pirates. It is the easiest sniper rifle to find.
    • Chinese Sniper Rifle - Firing the same round as both the QBZ-95 and the QJY-88, this is China's designated marksman's rifle. It is roughly the same as the SVD, though it is not a simple different skin for it. Carried only by PLA snipers, and offered by both the PLA and People's Liberation Army of Venezuela, it is a slightly more accurate alternative to the SVD. This sniper rifle also has a couple more reserve clips.
  • Anti-Material Rifles - These are very powerful and accurate scoped weapons, in fact they are the most powerful portable weapons in the game. They can shoot through lightly armored vehicles (most vehicles of armor types 1&2) and kill any type of infantry with a single shot. If you like sniping, shooting people through jeeps and want to stay stealthy from a distance, this is your rifle. The rifles are available in two variants which are statistically identical:
    • M-95 - Made by American arms manufacturer Barrett, this bullpup sniper rifle fires the heavy .50 BMG round, capable of striking targets from miles away and blowing through concrete. This is the rifle used in the PMC Sniper Challenge and is sold by the AN.
    • KSVK - This Russian-built monster may appeal to your nostalgic side: it's the same rifle as the Anti-Material Rifle in Mercenaries 1, now sold by the PLA. Grab it, and re-live fond memories of blowing away Song's troops.
  • Fragmentation Grenade - A slightly outdated M61 or M26 Fragmentation Grenade, dating from the Vietnam War. Great for taking out bunches of enemy soldiers, or anyone hiding behind cover. Other than that, though, its uses are limited outside of using half of what you can carry on parked vehicles. They can damage anything up to a light tank (armor types 1, 2 and some armor type 3). All enemies use them too.
  • C-4 - What's better than high-grade explosive? High grade explosive you can throw. It does not fly as far as a grenade, but it sticks to whatever object it hits. It has a powerful blast and is useful for everything you can think of. The only bad news? You only get five of them, and they aren't too commonly found, though you can cheaply order some in if you feel the need. These always come in handy and can be purchased in the C4 Supply Drop.

Heavy Weapons[]

  • Grenade Launcher - the MGL-140 - A South African 40mm grenade launcher carrying six high-explosive rounds in a revolver-style chamber. It fires grenades in an arc and is handy against infantry and lightly armored vehicles. However, it loses out to the bigger launchers for just about everything else. It cannot damage most type 3 armor vehicles (exceptions are APCs and light tanks). Carried by UP Heavy Mercenaries and barrack troops and can be purchased in the form of UP's Grenade Launcher Drop.
  • RPG-7 - A single shot 40mm unguided Rocket Propelled Grenade launcher built by the Soviet Union in the early sixties, the RPG-7 once again returns for Mercenaries 2. Used by just about everyone except the AN and China, it is as expected quite common. Though it is not particularly powerful or accurate. It's your one-stop solution to just about any vehicle that comes along until the AN and China bring along their heavy armored vehicles. It's also not the best solution for use against helicopters as the rocket is slow and tends to go off in random directions, but it is indeed possible but incredibly hard to take out a moving helicopter. Carried by the anti-tank/heavy infantry of the PLAV, Universal Petroleum, VZ and Pirates.
  • Anti Tank Missile - The in-game SMAW- The Shoulder-launched Multi-purpose Assault Weapon returns for Mercenaries 2. This time, however it does not seek targets out. It does, however, fire an 83mm rocket, which is more accurate and powerful than the RPG-7, thus more capable of hitting and destroying whatever you fire it at. Still not that accurate nor powerful. The rocket impact is small but powerful, good against heavy armor but almost useless against infantry. Again, not the best solution for helicopters. In the game, the rocket is loaded from the front, usually the SMAW has a rocket loaded from the rear.
  • Fuel Air RPG - PF-89- This 93mm Chinese thermobaric rocket launcher is labeled in Mercenaries 2 as the "Fuel-Air RPG," Truly a weapon to fear, you will know why once this thing hits something. The initial rocket impact does hardly any damage. What it does do is release a large dense cloud of volatile, combustible gas around the impact area. A second or two later, it ignites, creating a huge fireblast destroying just about everything but the most fortified targets (bunkers and reinforced bridges are immune). The only downside? If your target is quick enough to get out of the general vicinity of the blast in that second or two, it will be unharmed. It is inaccurate at range, it works best on big, heavy targets that do not move much, like buildings or tanks. It is very likely to be the cause of some fatal friendly fire, especially in the hands of the AI.
  • Anti-Air Missile - Known as the "Stinger," this 90mm anti-air MANPADS seeks out its targets by tracking the heat emitted by the exhaust of their engines. It takes a moment to lock on, but once it does, there is little the target can do but hope the missile misses entirely. Enemies will never try to evade a missile but simply moving around tends overwhelm the tracking system. It will not only target helicopters, but any low-flying planes as well (they fly fast so good luck actually getting a hit). A disadvantage of this weapon is that it is extremely specialized. If not locked-on, the missile will skitter off in a random direction. And it will not lock on to anything ground-based. However, it will do damage to buildings and tanks. That is, if the missile hits.

Emplaced/Static Weapons[]

  • Heavy Machine Guns (2 variants):
    • M2 - The Ma Deuce was designed by legendary gun maker John Moses Browning in 1918, entered service with the United States in 1933, and has been used by just about every NATO-allied nation ever since. Firing 300 .50 BMG rounds at a rate of about 450-575 RPM. It is mounted on a tripod as a static defense weapon or on vehicles. It is used by the UP, AN and PLAV. More or less, it's the same as the DShK in both function and performance in Mercenaries 2.
    • DShK 1938 - Used by Russian Armed Forces since 1938, this heavy machine gun fires 300 12.7mm rounds at a rate of 600 RPM. As a primarily mounted weapon, it is used in static fortifications and mounted on vehicles. It's hardly a mini-gun, but your enemies will feel the pain when you hit them with it. Used by the PLA, VZ and Pirates.
  • Grenade MG (in game Mk. 19) - It is used as a static defense weapon and as a mount for vehicles. Sure. It's not as big as a Heavy Machine Gun or Recoilless Rifle. But make no mistake; this little beast will tear apart a platoon of soldiers or a light infantry vehicle in seconds. And it's not bad on light armored vehicles either, though it loses its effectiveness on anything heavier. Firing 40mm grenades at varying a rate of fire, the usual rate is 120 RPM, the highest is about 400 RPM but this one is only used in a PMC challenge. It is used by the AN, UP and the PLA.
  • Recoilless rifle - The Recoilless rifle returns for Mercenaries 2 in much the same function as it did in the first game. More or less a light tank cannon mounted on a tripod. Being what it is, it has about the same amount of power and fires in a perpendicular arch. It can blow apart most anything on wheels or treads until heavier armor shows up, but its slow rate of fire makes it impractical for infantry unless they come in bunches.
  • 105mm Artillery - This 105mm Howitzer is an American classic. Used by American forces during WW2, Korea and the Vietnam War, it was also widely exported. It is used, rarely, by the Venezuelan Army and the PLAV. Slow to maneuver, but once you get it into position, sadly, it only hits like a light tank cannon. It is not a very good direct-fire weapon often because of a bad firing position and lack of turning speed. If you want to fire off a few rounds, you can find two on the runway of the PMC, behind the swimming pool of the PMC, next to the PLAV HQ building, Isla de la Fortelaza northern most barrack, the western beachside of the bunker buster island during Misha's recruitment mission and on the Eastern base on Lieutenant Falcón's Bunker Island.
  • Scorpion - is a ZU-23, built by the Soviet Union, the Scorpion is a static Anti-Air and Surface-to-Air Missile emplacement that consists of double 23mm cannons and four surface to air missiles. Only used by the Venezuelan Army. The cannon is extremely powerful against helicopters, infantry and light vehicles, the missiles are faster than the Anti-Air Missile Launcher's missiles. Despite this, as a static position it can be easy to target. As long as you can get to it before it gets to you. It does not get locked on by ATGMs.
  • TOW - This Anti-Tank missile, when fired, is connected to a series of thin wires that transmit a control signal to the launcher. This allows the firer to maneuver the missile remotely, guiding it by line of sight. These powerful and handy anti-vehicle weapons are extremely rare. They can be found as emplaced weapons on Isla de Margarita, which is restricted Chinese territory.


  • Mines- These are old floating mines, unattached, they manage to not drift due to the lack of current. Their explosions are surprisingly small and underpowered for their large size, they are almost the size of a Daisy Cutter, it might be expected of them to at least explode like one. A single mine cannot destroy a Bladesong Missile Boat but it inflicts 30% damage. It also cannot destroy a Freedom Patrol Boat, but inflicts 80% damage (same on the Diplomat Heavy Tank/Iron Mountain Heavy Tank) but they can destroy anything weaker, so they are still quite powerful. They are used by both VZ and UP for blockading areas. Often costing the lives of local civilians and their boats, also sometimes costing collateral damage to the player simply for witnessing irresponsible acts of the VZ and UP navies. These can be seen in the Southern Entrance to Isla de la Fortelaza, all over the temporarily UP restricted territory during the PLAV's "Jungle Cruise" contract and a large minefield North of Maracaibo can be seen during the "Blended with a twist" Pirate contract. They explode when shot or on contact, they cannot be winched.
  • Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) - Tiny, discreet, but extremely powerful, this is literally a bombing run airstrike quietly waiting in the grass. In-game IEDs come in the form of a single old and rusting Mark-82 bomb with a blinking red light on the tip, this makes them hard to miss unless the light is blocked by something such as grass, the colour of the bomb is a rusting khaki green making it very hard to see in some environments. They make a beep before they explode, and will detonate when shot or contact with a vehicle. They cause a small but extremely damaging explosion causing enough damage to take out any land vehicle (even the Diplomat and Iron Mountain heavy tanks), and can be tossed around with explosion blasts without detonating. They can pushed around by the player using melee. They cannot be winched. Surprisingly, IEDs are used by the Allied Nations to block the path to the refuge camp in South Eastern Cumana during the PLA "Medusplosion" contract to help an ambulance get through. This is very surprising due to the humanitarian reasons for AN involvement.


People's Liberation Army of Venezuela[]

  • Mirabal Offroad Bike - A motorcycle used by the PLAV guerillas to patrol areas and get from one place to another quickly. They are commonly found in and around PLAV bases, and the island which you get Carmona from in The Betrayal, but only after you do it and return, but there are only 4.
  • Corales - The PLAV's basic land vehicle. A copy of the VZ Iguana but with a different paint job and barbed wire added onto it. They can be found roaming around anywhere that has a PLAV presence and are almost always engaged in combat with their VZ counterparts.
  • Bolivar Truck - The Bolivar series of trucks are the PLAV's own versions of the UP and VZ trucks. They come in three different versions and can be found at many roadblocks found throughout the Amazon region. The main version is the MG one which as two, mounted MGs on top which are seen in most areas, then there is an AA version which is a lot more rare, and lastly the transport version which is hardly ever seen and can only be acquired through the PLAV shop.
  • Martinez APC -The is the same as the VZ's Armadillo but it is painted in P.L.A.V colours and has barbed wire on the back, as well as a bumper bar on the front. It is armed with a gunner controlled .50cal.
  • Arbenz Mobile AA - The AA version of the Martinez APC, it has a minigun replacing the .50cal. It is PLAV's only anti-air vehicle (apart from the Bolivar Quad .50), it is simply a repainted version of the VZ Armadillo AA. Several can be seen protecting the PLAV HQ.
  • Cavalera - The PLAV's heaviest and hardest-hitting vehicle, the Cavalera light tank is adorned in the usual PLAV style: jungle camouflage, improvised armour and covered in barbed wire. Based on the American M551 Sheridan light tank, it can be compared to other light tanks such as the UP's Mantis (which has better firepower) and the VZ's Puma (which has better mobility). However, do not try using it against anything heavier than it, especially the American and Chinese tanks or even a VZ Jaguar.
  • Castro - The main series of helicopters used by the PLAV. Originally all manufactured by the Americans and used in the Vietnam War, they have now been obtained by the PLAV and outfitted with all different kinds of weapons. They have all been painted a dark jungle green with various PLAV propaganda spray painted on the sides and a caricature of a sharp-toothed face on the front.

Venezuelan Army[]

  • Iguana - The most basic ground unit of Solano's army not sitting in a pair of army boots, the Iguana is a fast and light scout-car that appears to be based on a M151 MUTT. It comes in two flavors: an unarmored two-seat scout car and one that holds three with a mounted .50cal DShK heavy MG (holding 250 rounds). It's fast and maneuverable, but it falls apart at the mere suggestion of enemy fire (above small arms fire). Like all Venezuelan vehicles, you can purchase them cheaply from the Pirates. However, these vehicles are commonly found wherever the Venezuelans claim as territory.
  • Capuchin - The Capuchin is the Venezuelan 5-ton flatbed truck used by the VZ for a variety of roles. An unarmed transport version, a gun-truck armed with a frontal .50 caliber machine guns and an ad-hoc anti-air vehicle with a four .50cal machine guns as an anti-air mount bolted onto the back (which work great against lightly armed helicopters). It has level 2 armor and it's slow to maneuver, it can still be hard hitting if its guns are expertly aimed, but will fall in the face of heavier armed and armored threats.
  • Armadillo - Based on the Vietnam-war era M113 APC, widely exported to a variety of client states around the world, the Armadillo carries up to four people (Two passengers, a driver and a gunner) and comes in three varieties. The standard and more common version is armed with a gunner operated .50 caliber machine gun and the AA version replaced the HMG with 7.62mm minigun as an anti-air vehicle. There is also another unarmed version only with high-power jamming equipment recognizable by the radar on it's back. The Armadillo, like most early post-war APC's, is basically a box on treads. It has light-medium level 3 armor, it will not survive much in the way of anything bigger than a .50cal. If you need to kill it fast, hit it in the rear with a 25mm cannon or something bigger (it will make large sparks). While not commonly found outside of missions, it's cheap and can be purchased from the Pirates.
  • Puma - The Puma is a Venezuelan local production version of the British FV-101 Scorpion, a light tank primarily designed for armed reconnaissance. Because of this, it is not heavily armed or armored. It IS however very speedy and maneuverable. It is the smallest tank in the game, and is especially common during the start of the game. Armed with a 90mm gun, a .50cal coaxial Machine Gun and a gunner operated .50 Caliber DShK. As stated above, easy to find at first and occasionally found later in the game and can be purchased from the Pirates.
  • Jaguar Tank/Jaguar Heavy Tank - The Jaguar is Venezuela's local production version of the French AMX-30 MBT. Armed with a 105mm cannon, a coaxial .50cal machine gun. This is not the most advanced tank in the game, but it steam-rolls the Cavalera, Mantis and Puma light tanks. It has heavy armor and is resistant to most attacks, but once it comes face to face with AN or Chinese tanks, its deficiencies become clear. It comes in two varieties, the first a standard AMX-30. The second a heavier version with a bigger gun, a 25mm coaxial cannon and ERA to boost its armor. While the heavy Jaguar is rarer, the basic Jaguar can be found nearly anywhere the Venezuelans have an invested defensive position. Both types can be purchased from the Pirates.
  • Mosquito - The Mosquito is essentially a Jaguar Tank MBT hull with a SAM system turret. It has similar armour and maneuverability, but its only armament are its 4 large SAMs, meaning that you should never bring this to the front lines if you are expecting any sort of ground resistance (unless it is to provide air cover for a friend in co-op). This vehicle has only one appearance in the game, when Carmona attacks the mansion, two of these are providing air cover for the Tanks. It can be purchased from the Pirates.
  • Toucan/Kestrel- A light helicopter series based on the French Alouette III, this dated but effective light helicopter can come equipped with up to two wings with two hard-points each or a door-gun. The armament depends on the variant, with the Toucan an unarmed transport version for light transport of troops and light equipment and vehicles, the Kestrel, armed with dual miniguns and rocket pods (14 rockets), the Kestrel Anti-Tank with two minguns and two anti-tank missiles and the Kestrel Attack with a minigun, 1 anti-tank missile and a .50cal DShK door gun. It will zip around most enemy fire, but anything more powerful than a .50 caliber round will bring this bird down. Hard. Comparatively cheap to heavier armed and armored helicopters, it is offered--like all VZ vehicles in all its variants--by the Pirates.
  • Anaconda - The Anaconda is a local production version of the infamous Mi-24/35 gunship. Synonymous with Soviet aggression and nicknamed The Devil's Chariot by Afghan militia fighters, it is heavily armored and armed compared to the other helicopters until AN and China come in. If you want to level an armored convoy or a small village, this is the way to go about it. Armed with a 7.62mm minigun with 2000 rounds, eighty (eighty!) dumb-fire rockets and four anti-tank guided missiles (or very rarely eight anti-air missiles), this beast is capable of absorbing amazing amounts of fire for a helicopter. It can take as many as three SAM to bring the helicopter down, and it can even shrug off a light or medium tank cannon. But it won't be maneuvering too much too fast meaning that it will get hit hard by any AAs and SAMs. Its armament is comparable but possibly inferior to the Ambassador and Warsong gunships. You can purchase it from the Pirates earlier than either of the gunships, though. You can not purchase the Anti-Air version from them though, but you can find both flying around the Amazons near Solano's bunker at Angel Falls.
  • Condor - Aptly named after the largest flying Bird of Prey in the Western Hemisphere and the largest bird in South America. The Condor is a locally manufactured version of the Soviet Mi-26--the world's largest helicopter. Capable of carrying only three troops, it is however capable of lifting just about anything off the ground save a tanker (It CAN lift a PLA Bladesong). While it is not really armed, whatever it is towing is capable of firing its weapons while in flight. It's heavily armored, but as can be expected for a nearly hundred-foot-long aircraft it is extremely slow and not very maneuverable. It's offered by the Pirates for a surprisingly cheap price. And you can occasionally find a few flying around in the Amazon. The PLA also has it's own version of the Condor, it is called the Jade Wind.

Universal Petroleum[]

  • Raven -The main ground unit of Universal Petroleum, the Raven is a black SUV, with the UP logo adorning the sides. Holding five people, and armed with either a 50 caliber machine gun, a 40mm grenade launcher, or a TOW missile launcher. Basically a heavily modified civilian SUV, the Raven is far from a main battle tank in terms of durability or firepower. However, it is slightly more durable than its VZ or PLAV counterparts. Use it primarily as a way to get around in UP territory and for lightning fast attacks. There is also a simple unarmed version called the corsair SUV that is seen after you verify Carmona
  • The Devastator - According to the UP mercenaries, it is something along the lines of "high end gear, whipped up by the eggheads at our satellite facility". It has a skull and crossbones in front... on a flower basket, it's actually a small pink moped.
  • Mantis Light Tank - The Mantis is the heaviest unit owned by Universal Petroleum. A medium sized attack vehicle, it is armed with a group of relatively strong weapons, ranging from its main cannon, to its coaxial machine gun. Though it looks intimidating, the Mantis is sorely lacking in armor compared to the Jaguar MBT's and later Chinese and AN tanks. It won't take much in the way of anti-tank fire, but it does bring an impressive amount of firepower. Use it if you want a cheap alternative to the VZ, Chinese and AN tanks and don't expect much in the way of anti-tank resistance.
  • Warhorse Patrol Boat - This Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat is used by UP to protect its offshore oil rigs and oil tankers. Armed with two .50 caliber machine guns and a M60 machine gun, both at the bow and a Mk.19 Grenade Launcher to protect the rear. It is not as durable as VZ, Chinese or AN boats, but its speed and relatively high power make it a formidable craft in the right hands.
  • Rogue - This is the standard group of helicopters used by Universal Petroleum. Each has a specialized talent, ranging from the Rogue Transport to the Rogue Assassin. The Rogue is speedy, and heavily armed. It can be seen as the middle-line between the VZ's Kestrel Helicopter and the PLAV's Castro series. Heavily armed and highly mobile, it is regardless lightly armored. With unguided munitions, its small profile makes it very difficult to hit. It loses out to the heavier armed VZ, AN and Chinese helicopters.
  • UP Oil Tanker - This massive oil tanker proudly displays the UP corporate logo, and these are the objects of many pirate raids. Though capable of carrying mounted weapons, they are frequently defenseless, requiring Warhorse Patrol Boats or Rogues and a few mercenaries to protect them from harm. Due to the oil they carry, they detonate spectacularly when destroyed. They can not be piloted. They are often loaded with several fuel tanks or barrels on the deck in close proximity, ironically making it possible to sink this giant ship with a few pistol shots or melee bashes.
  • UP Inflatable - This is a tiny, inflatable boat with a machine gun mounted to the front. It takes only a very small amount of damage and isn't very fast, but it is cheap. It is modeled after a 8-foot (ish) inflatable skiff, minus the twin outboard motors and mounted MG.

Rastafarian Pirates[]

  • Buju Technical - The Rastafarian Pirates ground unit of choice, the Buju is painted bright green and yellow. It comes in two varities, an unarmed version and a version armed with an M60 machine gun. Being what it is--a civilian pick-up with a different paint-job--it won't see you through a firestorm. But it has impressive handling and speed. It was intended as a smuggling vehicle to speed past any heavy defenses. Use it as such and you will find it adequate.
  • Gunney - A French Alouette III, likely "procured" from the Venezuelan Army, with a striking color scheme. This green and yellow whirly-bird comes in two varieties: the Transpo', which lacks any armament and is used for infantry and light cargo transport. There is also the Gunney Attack, which consists of a single "pepperbox" six-shot rocket launcher, a minigun and a door-mounted machine gun. The paint scheme is rasta and it is quick, but it lacks a serious armament and does not do anything that VZ or other helicopters will not do better.
  • Little Dimba - Little Dimba's are unmodified Wave Skimmer jet-skis with a bold yellow and green color scheme, making it obvious who they belong to. The Pirates use them as speedy smuggling and raiding craft, but they are unarmed and as armored as a jet-ski will allow (hint: nothing). Use it for joyriding and getting from point A to B quickly over water.
  • Culican Cutter - Culican Cutters are the Pirates' heavy water craft. Medium sized vessels, they carry two .50 cal machine guns on either side. While not the most powerful ships in the game, they can take and dish out incredible amounts of damage. They are found exclusively to the north, patrolling the Pirate controlled waters.

Chinese Army[]

  • Leaping Fox - China's most basic ground vehicle, this lightly armored scout car is identical in form and function to the AN's Messenger and superior to every other scout vehicle, this vehicle carries five people--four passengers and one gunner--at a speedy pace. It's not heavily armored, and will not survive much in the way of anti-tank weapons, but it's inexpensive to purchase and order and easy to find in the world. It comes in two varieties, one armed with a DShK Machine Gun and another armed with a Mk. 19 Grenade Launcher.
  • Salamander APC - This is the Chinese answer to the Guardian APC. It only comes in a single variety--armed with a 25mm Cannon and a coaxial machine gun--but it attempts to make up for it by being better armored and heavier, with more weight to push smaller vehicles around. This does however make it slower than its AN counterpart. Despite its thicker armor, it is still vulnerable to anti-tank weapons, but it will take more of a beating. It is easy to find near PLA areas and inexpensive to order, its weapons making it powerful to boot.
  • Sundered Dragonfly IFV - The counterpart to the Allied Nations' Statesman IFV , the Sundered Dragonfly is similar to the Statesman in both form and function. However, it is inferior to Statesman, as it lacks the anti-tank missiles. Despite this, it is still an effective troop carrier and very effective at taking on lightly armored vehicles or infantry.
  • Tempered Hammer Artillery - The only Self-Propelled Artillery Gun in the game, it is more or less a light tank for the Chinese. Not as powerful as the Iron Mountain and not as well armored as the Dragon Lance, nor as maneuverable, it is a common and comparatively powerful vehicle.
  • Iron Dove Heavy AA - A heavy AA tank. It comes equipped with four rapid-firing heavy cannon and four surface to air missiles which should shred any helicopter stupid enough to face it head-on, along with any pesky soft ground targets. This unit can take quite a beating from helicopters.
  • Iron Dove Jammer - An Iron Dove Heavy AA with a radar instead of a SAM turret, this is a Chinese command vehicle coming with jamming equipment for killing enemy transmissions rather than aircraft. It is harmless.
  • Dragon Lance Light Tank - A modernized version of a Soviet amphibious tank design, the Dragon Lance is a highly versatile light tank design that is superior to the light tanks used by UP and the PLAV and can easily stand face-to-face with a Jaguar Heavy Tank and come out on top. Despite this, it will fall in the face of more heavily armored tanks such as the Iron Mountain and Diplomat Heavy Tanks. It is comparatively inexpensive, so you can use it if you are on a budget. They are uncommon to find, and extremely difficult to hijack.
  • Iron Mountain Heavy Tank - The most high-tech Chinese tank, this powerful vehicle lives up to its name. Its 125mm cannon fires specialized, modern anti-armor ammunition and it will take similar weaponry to effectively destroy. It is also comparatively rapid for a tank, thanks to its impressive engine. You will be able to steam-roll just about anything that faces you, the only challengers being assault gunships, air-strikes and the Diplomat Heavy Tank. And, of course, other Iron Mountains. It is however expensive in terms of fuel and cash and is difficult to hijack if you are on the PLA's bad side.
  • Locust Assault Helicopter - The Locust is a local reproduction of the Soviet Kamov Ka-27 "Helix", with two stacked counter-rotating main rotors and no tail rotor. Although it is the PLA's primary transport and utility helicopter, it has some serious teeth. Thirty-eight dumb-fired rockets and over 2000 rounds of .50 caliber ammunition fired by two dual .50cal gunpods, it is not the most powerful helicopter, but it can still do plenty of damage to armor and infantry. It is not the most maneuverable of helicopters. It is the workhorse of the PLA's helicopter fleet.
  • Warsong Attack Helicopter - The Warsong is the Chinese solution for its long-time lack of a true helicopter gunship, replacing the WZ-9 in service. And what a replacement it is. Coming equipped with a 25mm rotary cannon, 64 dumb-fire rockets and 8 anti-tank guided missiles. It is arguably inferior to the Ambassador Gunship, as it lacks the anti-air missiles of its AN relative. Its advantage over the Ambassador gunship is that it has almost double the dumb-fire rockets and that the AN gunship only has 2 anti-air missiles to make up for it. Despite this, it is still a very potent anti-armor and anti-infantry gunship.
  • Jade Wind Heavy Transport - The Jade Wind is more or less a Condor painted in the PLA's Woodland/Urban cammo. This big bird has the same lifting capacity, speed and agility (or lack thereof) as the Condor. Use it if you need to fly over an area that is friendly to Chinese forces.
  • Bladesong Missile Boat - Arguably the most powerful driveable naval unit in the game, it is the PLA's only naval unit aside from their Dynasty Class Missile destroyers. Carrying 32 cruise/anti-ship missiles and carrying two double-barreled cannon turrets, a single Bladesong can make a mess of a small flotilla of other patrol boats.

Allied Nations[]

  • Dirt Runner - The Dirt Runner is the most basic of the allied units. More or less, it's just a dirt bike. Used by the AN for light, rapid transport or reconnaissance, a mercenary does not have much use for this unless he or she wants to go joyriding off-road or blitzing an enemy base in something too small to easily hit. But once you're hit, you feel it. Anything more powerful than a .50 caliber round will obliterate the little bike and send it flying, but for its credit, it's speedy and difficult to hit thanks to its small profile. May be randomly dropped as part of the Pirates' motorcycle drop.
  • Messenger - The Messenger is a staple of any AN military action. This wide-faced four-wheel drive vehicle was developed in the mid-80's as a light recon and escort vehicle to replace the Willy's Jeep and is known for being a gas-guzzler, but also for being relatively reliable and durable under fire. The Messenger comes in four varieties. An unarmed transport version, one armed with a .50 caliber HMG, a 40mm automatic grenade launcher a SAM variant with a turret in the back that has a .50cal machine gun and anti-air missiles and an anti-tank variant with a TOW missile-launcher. Seats three to five depending on variant . It won't soak up the damage like a tank or heavy APC, but it is adequate for transport or light assault duty.
  • Guardian APC - The Guardian represents a new and controversial step for the AN military away from tracked APC's. Using eight wheels instead of tracks, the Guardian offers better speed than a tracked APC, but is also less durable and maneuverable. In comparison to the Salamander, the Guardian loses out in terms of general durability. However, it makes up for it in speed and the sheer number of variants in armament. With the basic Guardian sporting a driver controlled rapid-firing minigun, the subsequent variants come equipped with a 25mm cannon, anti-tank guided missiles, anti-air missiles, a radio jammer and a 105mm rifled cannon. Despite this impressive range of armament, its lack of armor makes it extremely vulnerable in the face of direct enemy fire. Sustained fire from a .50cal will eventually destroy it, an RPG will often deal fatal damage to the Guardian. Use in rapid attacks and keeping aware of enemy fire will allow you to keep this economic alternative to heavier APC's.
  • Statesman IFV - The Statesman IFV started off as a controversial project, but proved its worth in combat as a potent anti-tank and anti-personnel vehicle. The Statesman is superior to its Chinese alternative, the Sundered Dragonfly. Though both are roughly comparable in terms of armor and armament, the Statesman adds two anti-tank guided missiles which can seriously damage even the thickest of armor. Though the Statesman is a powerful and deadly machine on its own, armed with a 25mm Cannon, .50cal machine gun and the aforementioned dual Anti-Tank missiles, it's even deadlier when in concert with another armored vehicle.
  • Diplomat Heavy Tank - The Main Battle Tank of the Allied Nations, the Diplomat has continued to prove its combat effectiveness, though it is often known as a resource hog. It has recently undergone upgrades to improve its survival in an urban environment, which include ERA and a minigun in the commander's cupola. In addition to these improvements, it retains the powerful 120mm smooth bore cannon. The Diplomat can take a beating and dish one out, too. And thanks to its diesel-turbine engine, it is quite speedy for a tank of its size and also gives it the momentum to bash through thin walls. Its only vulnerabilities are other Diplomats, Air-strikes, Fuel-Air RPG's, and Helicopter Gunships.
  • Liberator Helicopter - The Liberator is a medium-lift transport helicopter used by the AN for troop and cargo transport. A rough in-between of the Locust Assault Helicopter and the Condor/Jade Wind, the Liberator has a surprising amount of manoeuvrability for a helicopter of its size and comes equipped with two miniguns for defense. Though durable, it was not designed for combat, and will thus fail quickly in the face of fire.
  • Ambassador Gunship - The Ambassador Gunship is the most heavily-armed helicopter available in the game. Armed with a 25mm cannon, 34 dumb-fire rockets, 8 anti-tank guided missiles and two anti-aircraft missiles the Ambassador is capable of negotiating just about any threat presented to it. However, it is still vulnerable to anti-aircraft weapons and carefully aimed cannon fire, though it can still take quite a beating.
  • Freedom Patrol Boat - The only AN driveable water vehicle, it has a driver controlled minigun and four .50 calibers, two on starboard and two on port. It is always crewed by three AN soldiers, one driver and 2 gunners. Despite this relatively good firepower for a patrol boat, it is unable to damage a PLA Bladesong since they are immune to anything weaker then a 25mm.


  • Bombing Run - Targeting method: Smoke. The Bombing Run is simple yet effective. Two mark-82 bombs are dropped by Misha, and explode upon impact on the target zone. It is probably the most cost efficient airstrike, being sold at $75k. While this is good againist small structures, it is inaccurate (meaning the player can cause unwanted collateral damage if the smoke is outside of the intended area). The blast radius of this strike is tiny compared to others, fortunately it causes high damage and will destroy any target building aside from bunkers, it is able to sink missile destroyers in one direct strike. This airstrike is very commonly found around Venezuela, strangely enough, it has the form of three bombs on a bomb trolley and not two. One of its advantages is the extremely low price, often leaving a profit margin for target buildings.
  • Cluster Bomb - Targeting method: Smoke. If you think this airstrike may sound awesome, you'll be very surprised. This inaccurate airstrike drops a small bomb (grenade explosion type) that breaks into a group of even smaller bombs to cover a relatively small area. This strike's damage, however, is laughable in the face of most tanks, AFV/IFVs and any type of building that is stronger than a small shack. In fact, about the only good part featured in this strike is that it kills groups of infantry handily, and destroys or heavily damages lightly armored vehicles, such as jeeps or trucks. Though throwing the smoke grenade means that the player is in range of simply melee bashing all the enemies and of at least throwing frag grenades. This airstrike is commonly found around the map as 2 cluster bombs on a bomb trolley, looking the same as a Fuel Air Bomb munition.
  • Artillery Strike - Targeting method: Beacon. Covering a sizeable area, very large howitzer shells rain down in quick succession around the beacon killing and destroying everything (except bunkers) in the radius. The only drawback is that fast moving targets are nearly impossible to hit, and there is a high chance for collateral damage, so this airstrike should be used outside of cities, towns, and villages to maximize it's effectiveness and minimize civilian casualties. Don't stick around the beacon when the strike is called in. A creative way to use this airstrike is to stick it on a light helicopter and fly over the target area, though this puts the helicopter at risk of being hit. This airstrike does not require Misha and doesn't cost much fuel, therefore it will most likely be one of the first airstrikes to used in the game. This airstrike is commonly found as around the map as crates of artillery shells. It can be purchased from the PLAV and the PLA for $150k.
  • Tank Buster - Targeting method: Smoke. This airstrike is very self-explanatory, it busts tanks. In this airstrike, Misha will launch what appears to be AGM-65 missiles at all armored vehicles (APCs, tanks) in the vicinity of the player. It should be noted that the airstrike do not discriminate between friend of foe, every armored vehicle gets hit. It is best used when the player is surrounded by large amounts of enemy armor. This airstrike commonly found around the map. This strike will do nothing when there are no armored units in the area. It can be purchased at the PLAV, PLA and AN shop for $200k.
  • UP Tank Attack - Targeting method: Smoke. This is the same as the Tank buster except that the strike is delivered by a Universal Petroleum mercenary jet, it also costs much more. Misha is not needed for this strike. It cannot be found in Venezuela, it must be purchased from UP outposts.
  • Rocket Artillery Strike - Targeting method: Satellite. A Chinese rocket strike that packs quite a punch. Dense rocket artillery fire showers down in a straight line, perpendicular to the direction the player is facing. This strike does heavy area damage to eveything. Possibly the hardest strike to call in, as the "minigame" involves three thin lines, unlike the stealth bomber's large two lines, and surgical strike
  • 's medium three lines. Where it comes from is unknown, as the Armored Tiger MLRS and Bladesong Boat's Rockets/Missles don't explode like in the strike. This valuable airstrike can be found very early in the game, sometime around the 'Tropical Island Getaway' , 4 rocket artillery strike munitions can be found near UP's Refinery outpost. Otherwise it is sold by the PLA at $350k.
  • Laser Guided Bomb - Targeting method: Laser designator. Another accurate and maybe the most self explanatory airstrike, a laser guided bomb. Keep in mind that the longer the laser designator stays on target, the more accuracy on the impact. The problem with this airstrike is that you need clear line of sight, this often means that the player will be exposed. The airstrike is delivered in the direction the player is facing at the time of the laser designation, if there is something in the way, such as a mountain or building, there is a chance that the bomb will not hit the intended target.
  • Surgical Strike - Targeting method: Satellite. This is an extremely precise strike when used on even terrain and unmoving targets. It is great when there is no line of sight between the player and the target, this can be used to destroy dangerous targets without exposing the player to enemy fire.
  • Combat Air Patrol - Targeting method: Smoke. The aerial version of a Tank Buster, Misha flies over and destroys all air units in the area.
  • UP Air Attack - It is the same as the Combat Air Patrol, the only difference is that a UP jet does the strike and Misha is not required. It can be purchased from Universal Petroleum.
  • Daisy Cutter - Targeting method: Smoke. A BLU-82 , originally used in Vietnam to clear foliage to make landing zones in heavily forested areas. It is the predecessor of the MOAB, so understandably, it has a large blast radius but damage is less severe. It can be purchased from the PLAV and the Allied Nations at $300k.
  • Fuel Air Bomb - Targeting method: Smoke. When detonated, it spreads fuel over the area that it detonates over. This fuel is a highly volatile gaseous mixture, and when combined with another chemical or exposed to oxygen, violently reacts and causes a massive explosion. This means a fireball that wipes out everything within a few hundred feet. Great if you want to kill a lot of buildings, tanks and enemy soldiers. This airstrike is a magnified Fuel Air RPG. It can be purchased from the PLA at $350k.
  • Cruise Missile Strike - Targeting method: Beacon. A very useful airstrike, the beacon can stick to surfaces including vehicles. The Cruise Missile can follow moving targets, even helicopters. When tracking a helicopter, it is possible that the Cruise missile will miss. In terms of cost efficiency, if you are close enough to stick a beacon, you are close enough to stick C4. $5k C4 supply drop vs. $400k Cruise Missile Strike. It can be purchased from the Allied Nations and found in specific locations as passcodes.
  • Smart Bomb - Targeting method: Beacon. Similar to the Cruise Missile, this strike can follow targets. The bomb comes down much faster but it does not work as well with helicopters. Nevertheless still fun. It can be purchased from the Allied Nations at $350k.
  • Bunker Buster - Targeting method: Laser designator. The most powerful airstrike until AN and China get involved, it is capable of taking out conventional bunkers and any structure. It has a small radius but very high power. It can be purchased from the Allied Nations at $200k.
  • Strategic Missile Strike - Targeting method: Beacon. This strike calls in a very powerful airburst ballistic missile which explodes over the target area destroying buildings, vehicles and killing all infantry. When the missile explodes, it somewhat splits and sends off other explosives. This is one of the more powerful airstrikes due to its large area of effect. It can be found in the Estates East of Caracas in the form of a small computer and labeled as a passcode. It can be purchased from the PLA at $400k.
  • MOAB - Targeting method: Smoke. If you see this thing laying around in your PMC, you might be wondering why there is a small plane laying about. A bomb so massive, it has to be thrown out of the back of a C-130 cargo plane. A bomb so gigantic, it's frequently nicknamed "The Mother of All Bombs," it has an equally impressive explosion. It will destroy just about anything in its immediate vicinity. Despite this, it is expensive to purchase and deploy, with more cost-effective options readily available. And you won't exactly find it laying around, either. Still, it comes highly recommended for the sake of pure destructive power. It can be purchased from the Allied Nations at $500k.
  • Carpet Bomb - Targeting method: Satellite. A stealth bomber flies over, littering the area with mark-82 bombs. It is a satellite airstrike, so the player does not have to be close. It is an airstrike comparable to the Nuclear Bunker Buster in Area of Effect. This is truly an airstrike to fear, capable of destroying cities near PLAV territories in a few sweeps. The actual bombing is, however unrealistic, as the bombs simply appear under the plane, and land in a near perfect square, however in reality, a bomb hatch would open and bombs would land in a more or less straight line. The plane that delivers the airstrike is the B-2 Spirit, and being a stealth bomber, can be called in an area full of SAMs, as the plane is electronically invisible. It can be purchased from the Allied Nations at $500k.
  • Nuclear Bunker Buster - Targeting method: Laser designator. The ultimate airstrike available in Mercs 2, the nuke is incredibly powerful, and can only be received by one of the two major superpowers in the game: China or The United States Of America. After being given the nuke, it can be purchased for $1 million in Eva's workshop. While being--you know--a nuke, it does not do a lot of surface damage as the warhead detonates below ground. However, it does make a pretty impressive boom. And well, it is a nuke, what more do you want?