The Warsong Attack Helicopter is a People's Liberation Army gunship featured in Mercenaries 2: World in Flames.


Vehicles Warsong Attack Helicopter

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"This Chinese gunship provides an excellent blend of high performance and massive firepower. Cannon, rockets, and missile will let you take on any challenge."
— Stockpile caption.

It is the equivalent to the Ambassador Gunship used by the Allied Nations. It has almost double the rockets and a slightly stronger cannon than the Ambassador gunship, but is slightly less agile and lacks anti-air missiles. It is far superior in strength to the Venezuelan Anaconda, though. With its array of firepower, including a cannon, rockets, and anti-tank guided missiles, it is one of the strongest helicopters in the game. It features a green/white camouflage and the PLA symbol like most other Chinese vehicles.

This helicopter is very rare to find, only appearing when the Chinese soldiers call for backup several times in a row. It can be purchased from the Chinese after killing 50 Allied assets or one can be received by capturing 8 HVTs wanted by the Chinese.

It can be purchased from the PLA shop for $350k, making it the most expensive helicopter in the game.


  • Unlocked by: Destroying 50 Allied assets
  • Cost: $350 000
  • Fuel: 200 gallons
  • Guidance: Smoke
  • Delivery: Ewan flies in with helicopter


The Warsong Attack Helicopter is the equivalent to the allied Ambassador Gunship, they are both attack helicopters used for very similar purposes. This helicopter can take more than its weight in damage but it lack anti-air missile capabilities, so pilots will need to precisely aim their rocket pods or nose cannon when facing off against another chopper. The Warsong compensates its lack of Air to Air Missiles with significantly more unguided rockets, making less versatile but in the end it becomes a better attack helicopter against ground targets.

The player should do their best to take this helicopter down fast if they are in a tank. When piloting the helicopter, it is a good idea to keep some distance between ground units and the helicopter to avoid getting surprised by a tank shell or anything else that can inflict high damage. It is a good idea to use the ATGM missiles to take out SAM and AA defenses out of their range and before they can lock onto the helicopter.

Real LifeEdit

The Warsong is based on the Chinese CAIC WZ-10 and Italian A129 Mangusta, which the Chinese helicopter is based on.


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