The Warhorse Patrol Boat is a naval vessel used by Universal Petroleum in Mercenaries 2: World in Flames.

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"This UP rigid body inflatable mounts several heavy MGs for armed patrol and escort duties."
— Stockpile caption

The Warhorse Patrol Boat is Universal Petroleum's heaviest attack boat in Mercenaries 2, the only sea vehicle that is larger is the UP Oil Tanker, however they are not meant for combat and usually they are protected by Warhorses.

The Warhorse itself has decent speed and handling and is matched up against the basic sea vehicles of the other factions, however one other common boat that outclasses it would be the VZ Pirahna due to it having more protection. The Warhorse does not provide any cover for the driver or its crew, therefore making them easy targets. However, using hit and run tactics combined with attacking enemy boats using the grenade launcher to sink them or kill the crew is advisable, using the machine guns on enemy boats can be useful for taking care of smaller boats and personnel on land.

The grenade launcher can also be used to kill personnel on land and to destroy light vehicles as well as making sure you are not followed as you leave the scene of the engagement. This boat can also be used as a platform for using airstrikes on ships and other targets.

The Warhorse is equipped with twin driver-controlled M60 machine guns. Oddly, there is a third M60 mounted forward of the helm. A Mark-19 40mm Grenade Launcher with 50 rounds is mounted aft.


The Warhorse Patrol Boat is the second fastest non-PMC patrol boat in the game, only being eclipsed by the far less common Prestes Patrol Boat of the PLAV. Hijack one for a fast and relatively well armored trip across Lake Maracaibo and the Pirate Isles. Just remember to keep from being disguised while in the Isles, or the Pirates will shoot you.

Real lifeEdit

The Warhorse is based on the naval version of a Rigid-hulled Inflatable Boat (RHIB). These are used primarily by United States Special Forces.


  • Originally the Warhorse was going to be called the "Omen."

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