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The WZ-9 is a People's Liberation Army close support helicopter featured in Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction.


The WZ-9 is of little practical use and is usually avoided by players because of its limited arsenal of only rockets, however it can be used to drop off a soldier and give him some light covering fire and suppression against enemy forces.

It can be found patrolling the skies above the Chinese Headquarters in both the Southern and Northern Province, even if the player decides to destroy the bridge in the Northern Province much later. It can be more easily acquired from the Pyongyang Airport (near the Chinese HQ) later in the second quarter of the game, albeit still in a restricted area.

Real LifeEdit

The WZ-9 is an armed version of the Harbin Z-9 (NATO reporting name "Haitun," itself a license-built version of the French Eurocopter AS365 Dauphin which has a US version called the HH-65 Dolphin [which uses different engines from the French model] used exclusively by the US Coast Guard) with optional pylon-mounted armament and gyro stabilised, roof-mounted optical sight.


  • When the player is on the South Korean contract, A Hot Time in Nampo, when the player is tasked with destroying the oil tankers and oil tanks at a Chinese base, if one goes to where the helicopters came from, on the left is a glitch one of them will crash into the hill land at the bottom but will likely explode before it can be entered.
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