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Flag of the Republic of Venezuelan Army

The Venezuelan Army is one of the main factions and is a part of the Venezuelan government in Mercenaries 2: World in Flames.


The first faction the player will see and meet in the game, they can be seen surrounding the villa when the player goes inside to meet Solano for the first time. After the player does the first mission, they will be betrayed by him and his right-hand-man Blanco. They are, surprisingly not, the most common faction. That has to go to the Allies, which can be found anywhere past Guanare.

Normal troops carry AK-103 rifles after the betrayal. Before that, they carry PLAV variant AKs. (The two guns have no differences in rate of fire or damage, but one is black.) They have Iguana jeeps, but the normal is the rarer variant the other variant is the Iguana MG.

They are still pretty common. The first VZ heli that the player is going to see is the Kestrel they have attack and anti-tank variants.

Only one attack variant has been seen, once the cargo, and never the AT one naturally. The first tank the player drives of VZ is the Jaguar Tank but, the one the player sees after the beytral, before expanding the map to include Caracas, the player only sees the Puma Light Tank.

The other tank variant is the Jaguar Heavy Tank and the player can only spot it a few times naturally, at certain times of the game (I.e. going to Solano's bunker both times, and the VZ raid on the villa) the heavy troops carry AA rockets, RPGs, pistols, and automatic rifles. The last vehicle family is the AA one. I won't go into detail about that one, not knowing much about their AA vehicles besides the Scorpion.

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