Unsan Village entrance

The village as seen from the main entrance

The Unsan Village is a village found in the Northern Province of North Korea, featured in Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction.


The Unsan Village is small village located in the central region of the Northern Province. It is comprised primarily of two zone; the village itself, and a large temple area.

It is relatively secluded, being only accessible from a winding dirt road from the west, or over the hills via helicopter. The village area is comprised of a eight houses, spread out through the village, with small farms accompanying them. There is another house on a small hill which overlooks the others. This house is notable for being the place of operations for both the Five of Hearts and Queen of Hearts. On the east side of the village is a bridge which leads to the temple.

Unsan Village large temple

The main temple

The temple area is mainly comprised of two temples; one small, and one large, and is surrounded by a moat. The small temple, whose roof looks somewhat dilapidated, is opposite the bridge, and contains a small cemetery next to it. The larger temple sits in the northeast section of the village, atop a hill with a stone staircase leading up to it. Just northeast of the large temple is a waterfall, which most importantly serves as the lonely base for the Four of Spades.

This area is prominently featured in the Chinese contract 'Two Degrees of Separation', in which the mercenary must make contact with a community leader, presumably the leader of the village, in order to track down the Queen of Spades. Once contact is made though, the Queen of Spades attacks the village with a large armored force, causing extensive damage to the temple.

There are three National Treasures and one blueprint to be found in the village.


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