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A fleet of Freighters can be seen throughout Venezuela that have been ordered there by Universal Petroleum.

About half of these Freighters are Cargo Ships, while the other half are Oil Tankers. These large vessels are used to transport the oil from their rigs, and other supplies to wherever they take it. The Tankers are very large, with a white deck and black hull, and are always in the water; one is seen connected to two oil tanks near the docks of UP's main refinery. UP soldiers are stationed on the deck of the tanker, while Warhorse Patrol Boats protect it from the water. The tankers are also guarded in the sky by Anti-Tank Rogues. If you are on good terms with UP you can land on a clear spot of the deck and may explore the tanker. The soldiers keep an eye on things on the deck, and also defend the place with a few .50 caliber and recoilless rifle emplaced weapons. This ship is not designed for combat but can defend itself if need be (like from the Pirates or VZ).

Destroying a TankerEdit


A UP Oil Tanker being blown up

Besides being targets for some factions, the tankers are very easy to destroy, unless you have no way to board the deck. If there are heavy emplaced weapons nearby, such as a Recoilless Rifle, you can aim the shots to reach the pair of Fuel Tanks on the bow of the ship which causes a chain explosion causing the ship will explode, killing everyone on board which then, the ship will sink to the bottom of the lake. Or you can hijack a Chinese Missile Boat and blow them up with about three shots.

If the player does not wish to board the ship, you can simply attach one of the fuel tanks to a strong helicopter, whisk it up into the air and drop it. When it explodes it will set off a chain reaction, blowing up all the other fuel tanks and thus, sinking the ship.

As most tankers are owned by UP, you can just use a UP or Allied helicopter and crash it into the ship. But you should press exit so you're not in the helicopter when it crashes into the tanker.

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