Chan-seok Park, also known as the Two of Diamonds, is a recruitment officer, an officer and a special forces trainer in the Korean People's Army during Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction.

ExOps bio[edit | edit source]

Name: Chan-seok Park
"Captain Park is responsible for recruiting promising young men into General Song's army. Those who show a high degree of fanaticism towards the cause get special training from Park and become candidates for General Song's special forces squad. Park is a grizzled old soldier who's seen many generations of young men serve their country."

Overview[edit | edit source]

The e-mail is sent by the Chinese intel department and they know that Park is rallying a small armoured column south of the DMZ. Park himself is located at the gate where the mercenary first entered the area and the player was able to control him/her.

As you approach the area, there will most likely be a couple of AN UH-60 Transports flying above engaging the KPA forces. These will very easily be shot down due to a variety of AA devices. The first one would be a SA-8 AA truck parked next to a large rock which will easily track the helicopters and shoot them down. Another danger is the two ZSU-57 Anti-Air tanks in the area which together can also bring down the transports.

The final threat in the area would be the RPG troops, there are two of them, one is on the road and another is hidden quite well in the trees on the cliff to your right as you enter the area. There are around about 5-6 soldiers in the area, one of which is carrying a Sniper Rifle and one officer along with Park himself who is armed with an SMG.

The biggest threat in the area however is a T-54 tank which can really do some damage, it would be wise to hijack it and use it against the ZSU's and the other infantry. Lastly you will notice once you enter the area that the SNS signal is being jammed, however there is no jammer vehicle nearby. Instead near a NK Cargo Truck is a small tent with a large, computer like device with a small satellite dish on it, this is what's jamming the signal and destroying it will restore the SNS radar. After the player gets close enough to Park, they can incapacitate or kill and verify him.

Email Message[edit | edit source]

Sender: Fiona Taylor
Subject: Lieutenant Chan-seok Park, the 2 of Diamonds
According to a Chinese intelligence report I just received, Lieutenant Chan-seok Park -- a.k.a the 2 of Diamonds -- is rallying a unit of troops south of the DMZ, near where you were originally dropped off. Lieutenant Park was a recruiter for Song's army, so he's seen some action.

GSRN Report[edit | edit source]

Upon capturing/verifying the Two of Diamonds, GSRN Trucks will broadcast the following report:

"Allied efforts progress, and with the capture last night of Two of Diamonds, Lieutenant Chan-seok Park, it appears the search is well underway for General Chang, the Ace of Diamonds."
— GSRN Reporter

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Although Park is called a "Captain" in the ExOps bio, both the e-mail and GSRN report state that he is a "Lieutenant".
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