Tropical Island Getaway is the second story related contract offered by the People's Liberation Army of Venezuela in Mercenaries 2: World In Flames.

Isla de la fortelaza far view

In-game InformationEdit

"The VZ have occupied an old colonial fortress near the mouth of Lake Maracaibo and are using it to disrupt supply shipments to the PLAV. Acosta wants you to put them out of commission by destroying large parts of the fortress. So much for historical preservations."
Fiona's summary


  • $850k for destroying the designated structures
  • Optional $500k bonus for the destruction of the 8 barracks.



After completing 'Jungle Cruise (Level 1),' the Mercenary is sent on another mission, this time in exchange for intel regarding the location of Blanco's secret meeting. Acosta contracts the mercenary with destroying the fortifications on Isla de la Fortelaza, along with a bonus payment for eliminating VZ presence on the island, showing lack of reservation about the fact she is willingly allowing the destruction of a veritable historical landmark. The reason for the decision to destroy of the fort was that the VZ was using it to disrupt PLAV supply shipments.

This contract is a destruction contract, no other instructions or limitations, no free support either. The primary objective is to destroy the Tower, Bridge and Fort. Optional objectives involve destroying all eight barracks; one barrack is reinforced and will take much more damage than the rest before being destroyed. There are enough C4 drops and emplaced weapons on the island to destroy itself, but this will take more time than by using some support. It is highly recommended to not purchase the game recommendations. The fastest way to complete it is to use one Anaconda, destroy the Scorpion on the Northern ridge and then proceed to destroy all targets, this method can make the contract last about five minutes and the Mercenary does not even have to set foot on the island.

From the support recommendations, it is possible to tell that there are two helicopters present in the contract, Kestrel Attack helicopters; one will appear after the destruction of each primary target (except the last one).

During the contract, the island which will be slightly more defended than usual, there will be five more sea mines in place as well as Armadillo Jammers blocking support options and additional Recoilless Rifles will be deployed on the Tower. There will also be an Artillery Strike munition at the North Eastern barrack and inside the Fort's main courtyard.

After the contract and loading the save, the island will be left in its wrecked state and if the player destroyed the all barracks, the VZ and supply crates will no longer be present on the island. This is the only island which can become fully abandoned after a contract, usually the Pirates take over, such is the case for the Lt. Falcón's Bunker Island and the Bunker Buster Island. 

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