The Triton Patrol Boat is a Marine Attack Craft (boat) created by Eva for the PMC that is featured in Mercenaries 2: World in Flames.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Triton Patrol Boat icon

"More madness from Eva's garage! This high speed boat mounts a powerful copter cannon for clearing a path in rough seas."
— Stockpile caption

A green, two seated hydrofoil, its design allows it to move with great efficiency, and attack with great speed. The Triton is armed with a small amount of weapons, them being a passenger controlled minigun, and a driver controlled rocket launcher, equipped with 20 rockets.

This small attack craft sacrifices armor for speed, making it a better choice for traveling around. The limited armament greatly limits its use in combat and contracts. It's also convenient to travel around Lake Maracaibo. Once the villa is acquired, two Triton Patrol Boats can be found at the docks, sitting on Lake Maracaibo. They can also be acquired by completing challenges at the PMC; it can be purchased from Eva's workshop after enough spare parts have been collected

Tactics[edit | edit source]

Firing the rockets on this craft is challenging because the rocket pods are firing at an angle very close to the water, the smaller distance between the rocket pods and the target the more chances of hitting. It's better to use the rockets to hit boats with large profiles or weak buildings, but if you want, you can do some damage to taller buildings at a long range. But potshots usually miss, and unfortunately, 20 rockets doesn't go a long way. Unless you are playing co-op, it will be quite a lot harder to use the minigun against other boats, but it does come in handy. If beached, the gun can still be used, but the boat doesn't lie flat usually, so it's extremely difficult to use.

If you don't mind having to follow the wateways, this boat is easy to jump into and go straight out of the PMC, and has an amazing top speed, similar to a luxury sportscar.

Real Life[edit | edit source]

As you drive the boat, you notice that it has structures beneath it that are mounted to the hull. These are hydrofoils, which enable it to move at the speeds it does. Hydrofoils in real life will raise the boat out of the water, as they generate lift much like an airplane wing does. Because of the decreased water resistance, the boat will travel at very high speeds. There is some uncertainty, however, about real hydrofoils having a rocket engine or otherwise having blue flames that come out of the back of their engines.

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