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The Trawler is a Civilian vehicle featured in Mercenaries 2: World in Flames.


Civilians use the Trawler to catch fish. It is a medium sized vessel - most of them are notably rusty and old.

They have multiple masts shooting up into the air, with a web of ropes between them. These ropes are used to drag and retrieve fishing nets pulled behind the vessel, in hopes that fish may become entangled, this however is not seen in game.


The Trawler is credited as the slowest vehicle in the game, so its usefulness is limited. If no other vehicle is present or if the player finds themselves stranded in the middle of Lake Maracaibo, this is a better alternative than swimming, but not by much.

Real lifeEdit

The Trawler could be based on any fishing trawler. Most fishing trawlers are homemade or highly customized, making them unique in their own sense.

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