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General Kai Yun, the King of Spades

Titular Regius is the twelfth and final contract for the South Koreans and the third offered by them in the fourth and last act of Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction.


This contract involves investigating three facilities around Yongbyon to determine the location of General Yun, the King of Spades, and verify him.

Supplies & Support Given[]

  • Heavy Weapons Drop - x1 - free
  • Covert Weapons Drop - x1 - free
  • Gunship Support I - $40,000

The Contract[]

The King of Spades is going to be at one of the 3 facilities that comprise the Yongbyon Reactor Complex.

The two northernmost facilities have significant SAM capability, mostly SA-8s. There are 5 at the northernmost; 2 at the east wall, 2 at the west wall, and one outside the south wall and halfway, and 2 at the central facility; one at the northwest corner and one at the southeast corner, with a couple of ZSU-57s at the central facility.

The central and southern facilities have Mi-35s that will enter the fray as soon as the shooting starts.

The King will always be found in the last place you visit, after leveling each facility. It is possible to catch him all alone and you can sneak up on him and take him down without firing a shot.

Before you even begin, it is advised to destroy the small road bridge that leads from the SK HQ to the middle facility. This will eliminate the possibility of SK or civilian casualties. This is especially useful if you fly directly to the high ground to the south of the bridge. If you approach it carefully, none of the nearby SA-8s will even start to lock on to you. C4 charges or a surgical strike can take the bridge out, unless you wish to spare at least 3 ATGMs from a helicopter, either the Ka-50 or Mi-35.

It is recommended that you destroy the smallest facility first, but do not fly over, or directly enter it. Then, proceed to the other two facilities and destroy them by any means available and finish up by searching them. The best place for the King to show up is the southernmost and smallest facility. If you completed the AN contract 'Inspect and Verify', you will remember the helipad and the covered walkway nearby. The King will always appear near that walkway facing the helipad.

The value of the contract is the value of the face card, which is $375,000 alive or $187,500 dead. Intel regarding the location of the Ten of Spades will also be given.

Email Message[]

Sender: Lieutenant Yung Kim

Subject: Contract: 'Titular Regius'

General Yun is either at the reactor, the refinery, or the nuclear plant. Find him and verify him.


Contract Terms & Conditions

1. Locate the King of Spades
2. Verify the King of Spades

Bounty Value: $375,000 alive/$187,500 dead


The player enters the HQ

  • Agent Buford We got the director of Song's missile program pinned down at a nuclear complex. His name is General Yun, but you probably know him better as the King of Spades. We're not exactly sure which one of the subfacilities he's at, but I figure: you blow up enough crap , he'll make a break for it.

The player remains in the HQ

  • Agent Buford: Yun might know where Song is. God, I hope so. The sooner you find him, the sooner the AN gets outta here and the Koreans can start rebuilding their country.

The player still remains in the HQ

  • Agent Buford: No-one will ever know how much of this was the work of one ex-CIA agent...but I'll know.

The player continues to remain in the HQ

  • Agent Buford: You've done a hell of a job, by the way. didn't figure you'd make it this far. You're one hell of a good investment. Korea owes part of its freedom to you. Good luck out there.

The player accepts the contract

  • Fiona: I'm glad you stayed on Buford's good side.
    • Chris:
    • Jennifer: I'm sure Colonel Peng's pretty happy about it, too.
    • Mattias: I'm sure Colonel Peng's pretty happy about it, too.

The player heads towards Yongbyon

  • Fiona: There are three possible locations, General Yun could be at any one of them.

If the player attacks and destroys one of the locations

  • Fiona: A squad is breaking and running! Wait, they're not retreating. It looks like they're going to reinforce one of the other locations.

The player approaches the reactor

  • Fiona: I guess he wasn't at the reactor.

The player approaches the refinery

  • Fiona: Not at the refinery either.

The player approaches the plant

  • Fiona: Not at the plant, either.

After the player inspects any two locations

  • Fiona: There's only one place left.
  • Fiona: There he is! General Yun's taking us seriously now. He's commanding his troops personally. I've put his location on your SNS.

Depending on which location General Yun appears at, Fiona will say one of the following

  • Fiona: He's got to be at the refinery.
  • Fiona: He's got to be at the plant.
  • Fiona: He's got to be at the reactor.

The player verifies the King of Spades

  • Fiona: That's another million dollars in the bank, and one of General Song's closest advisors in the bag. We should get lots of valuable information out of this.



  • The contract's title roughly means "One with the title of king", referring to General Yun's designation as the "King of Spades".
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