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The Vulcan is a custom PMC assault SUV featured in the Blow it up Again DLC of Mercenaries 2: World in Flames.


The Vulcan is the "heavy" counterpart of the Vulcan 4x4, which instead of a normal machine gun, features a large, laser-target explosive cannon, which deals a large amount of damage over buildings, though its rate of fire is quite slow. There's no much to describe because it shares various traits with the normal one, except the powerful gun. The gun is likely feeded with some sort of Fuel Air RPG rounds, since there's a delay between impact and detonation and the huge destruction it causes to buildings.


Available in "Urban Rampage", The Vulcan can destroy several buildings in just a single shot, which are easily made to hoard money and time (since there's a time limit), as well as soldiers that are trying to destroy you. The Vulcan can also jump over a short distance just for shortcuts and other things ( like a small Cacharro de Muerte). Due to its huge power, the vehicle will lose any part of its bodywork, though it will not be affected any way, as it is immune to its own weapon.

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