The Urban Commando is a custom made vehicle created by Eva that is featured in Mercenaries 2: World in Flames.


Vehicles The Urban Commando

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"Custom ultra-performance sports car with a powerful missile launcher."
— Stockpile caption

The Urban Commando is easily the fastest vehicle available for purchase from the PMC shop. It is essentially a Veloce, but with a blue, black, and white camouflage paint scheme, and an Anti-Tank Missile Launcher that rises from behind the driver and passenger seat area.

The Urban Commando is extremely fast, the speed obviously not altered by the weight of the weapon and ammunition for it, and it can take a slightly larger amount of damage than its civilian counterpart (but still very weak).

It is also the most expensive vehicle that the player can buy, costing $1,000,000, which makes it one of the two most expensive items in the whole game (the other is the Nuclear Bunker Buster). The player must have collected 40 spare parts to have the ability to buy it from her.


This vehicle is best used for cruising around Venezuelan roads but is a poor choice for combat as the 6 anti-tank guided missiles will be depleted very fast. As well as the lack of other armament, there is a lack of armor, simple gunfire will damage it and explosions will toss it around.

As it is an exotic car, the ride is low, and therefore is not suited to off road adventures.

Real lifeEdit

The Urban Commando is based on the real-world Koenigsegg CCX, albeit heavily modified.


  • If the player talks to Eva enough at the PMC HQ, she'll mention that the mercenary asked her to try fitting a tank turret to a sports car. It's possible that this was a prototype of the Urban Commando. It is also implied that the prototype test didn't go very well, as Eva will mention in the same conversation that the turret worked fine, but bits of the car are scattered all over the villa.
  • Glitch: On the Xbox 360 (Not tested on PS2/PS3) switch weapons on it. There is a coding bug, where it was designed to go down, leaving the car with the gun down and still have the ability to drive, the glitch is that the gun, not the poles that hold it, goes down a few inches, comes back up and it makes the noise it makes when coming up.

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