The Norse Wind is a custom vehicle created by Eva in Mercenaries 2: World in Flames.


Vehicles The Norse Wind

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"This finely tuned machine has been customized especially to Mattias' liking. The hardtail frame provides stability, while the tuned 89 cu. in. engine provides real power."
— Stockpile caption

The Norse Wind is one of the custom vehicles that Eva can create for the merc after they find a specific amount of spare parts. 20 parts are required for her to create it, upon which The Norse Wind can then be brought from her at the PMC Shop. It is based on the chassis of a civilian Chopper but it has better handling, speed and very good acceleration. It also seems to have slightly stronger armour than most other motorcycles.


  • Mattias is seen driving this vehicle in the opening scene, while riding towards the villa.
  • This vehicle was specifically designed for Mattias.
  • Also related to Mattias is the name of the vehicle, "Norse" was the name given to early Scandinavians (the people of Sweden, Norway, Denmark) where the Vikings lived, due to Mattias himself being Swedish and calling himself a "Viking".

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