The Hadron is an experimental PMC vehicle featured in the Mercenaries 2: World in Flames "Blow it Up Again" Downloadable Content.


Used by the PMC, the Hadron is an upgrade of the Urban Commando design. It is so fast and powerful that it runs off of a reactor.

This reactor is highly unstable and if the driver's speed drops below 60 mp/h the reactor will begin a meltdown and the car will catch on fire.

Thankfully, items called "Reactor Health Kits" can restore the reactor to its stable self. The Hadron is armed with a more powerful version of the Urban Commando's missile launcher.


The Hadron is a very well balanced vehicle, except for its tendency to catch on fire. Its missile launcher is devastating and its speed unmatched, but its shortcoming (minimum speed) would make it a poor choice for any situation that did not involve hit and run tactics.

Real lifeEdit

The Hadron is based on the real-world Koenigsegg CCX, albeit heavily modified.


  • The Hadron is named after the Large Hadron Collider, a high-energy particle accelerator in Geneva, Switzerland.

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