The Black Gate

Heuk Dae Moon, or The Black Gate, is a KPA fortress featured in Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction.


The GateEdit

The entrance to a huge NK Fortress, it is essentially a large, concrete wall, with walkways on the upper ledges. A 20 foot tall, 30 foot wide steel door is found at the bottom of the gate, and only forces that are designated as North Korean can pass through the gate. Besides being enclosed in the mountainous terrain of the Southern Province, the gate is guarded by a pair of North Korean T-54 tanks. Guards armed with RPGs and Light Machine Guns patrol the upper regions, and will attack any force that manages to get close to the gate. Even when the forces are destroyed, the gate is nearly impossible to penetrate with conventional means.

The FortressEdit

Behind the gate, the sprawling NK Fortress is home to a number of barracks, half a dozen of Artillery pieces, and across the large chasm, a Prototype 07 Supergun. The North Koreans have air superiority, and will attack any force that manages to infiltrate the base. Guards will pour out of the barracks, and APCs coming through the gate will not hesitate to begin their attack. A long, metal bridge connects the side of the base with the gate, to the side of the base that holds the HQ, and behind it, a prototype Type-07 Supergun.


  • In an article of Game Informer magazine, The Black Gate was jokingly compared to the Black Gate of J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings books.
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