The Betrayal
Solano explaining the betrayal (From left to right: Blanco, Solano, Mattias Nilsson, General Carmona
Conflict: Venezuelan War
Date: August 20, 2010
Place: Solano's villa
Outcome: Mercenary betrayed
Beginning of Venezuelan War
PMC insginia Private Military Company Flag of venezuela Venezuela
Mercenary Ramon Solano
1 mercenary Blanco
Gen. Carmona
3 VZ soldiers
Mercenary injured Blanco injured
Gen. Carmona injured

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"I'm sorry the job is not for you, the job is you."
— Ramon Solano

The Betrayal is an important event in Mercenaries 2: World in Flames. It serves as the beginning of the Venezuelan War, along with the creation of the PMC, various faction involvement and eventually getting payback on Solano.

The BetrayalEdit

"I will have many bounties on my head, I can't have you and your friends hunting me. It's bad for business."
"So is this, now I have to kill you"
—Ramon Solano and the mercenary

The betrayal happens very early on in the storyline. Right after the merc has rescued General Carmona and brought him safely back to Solano's villa, they are greeted at the front door by Blanco and they hand over their weapons whilst remarking on how once again they had to do all the work. Carmona quickly begins talking to Solano about their current objectives and how they will get rid of Universal Petroleum. Blanco and the merc both enter the balcony and Solano immediately turns to him/her saying he has another job that needs doing, to which the merc states that first they get paid. However, Solano then explains the job is "not for you, the job is you."

Carmona, having somehow managed to get behind the merc without them noticing, pulls a Luger on them and Solano begins explaining his plans. Being Venezuela's new leader means people will be after him and might hire the merc to stop him, which he calls "bad for business". The merc retorts by promising to kill him and before he can react, disarms Carmona and slams him to the ground. As Solano flees the scene, the merc turns to go after him only to find themselves staring down the barrel of Blanco's Hunting Pistol; the Liberian, having decided to go with Solano, sarcastically apologises to the merc before preparing to shoot them. Incensed, the merc angrily calls him a "piece of s**t!" before swatting the pistol aside and tackling Blanco through the doors and into the villa proper. Before they can finish Blanco however, Solano returns with a group of soldiers armed with assault rifles and orders them to shoot the merc. Abandoning Blanco, the merc jumps over the balcony and hotfoots it along the patio while avoiding gunfire. Eventually the merc makes it to the edge and jumps over only to be shot right in the ass, causing them to scream in pain and fall headfirst into Lake Maracaibo. Solano assumes the merc is dead, fixes his tie and walks away.

Later on the merc is shown alive, though severely battered and bruised, at La Cantina along with Fiona and the other two mercenaries, angrily wanting revenge. Soon a broadcast of Solano's live speech comes on the TV as the mercs watch on:

Solano's speechEdit

Solanos speech

Solano giving his speech live on TV

"It is time, the Venezuelan people stop paying for the greed of foreign interests. We will make them pay dearly for our oil. From this day forward; Everybody pays! Viva Venezuela! The oil belongs to you, the people, and from now on you will profit from it."
— Ramon Solano

Takeover and revengeEdit

"Yeah, everybody pays. Blanco,!"
— The mercenary

After his speech the mercenary swears vengeance on Solano, specifically citing Blanco, Carmona and Solano and says that he/she will make them pay. Carmona mobilizes every soldier and armored division in Venezuela and proceeds to take over almost the entire country, seizing oil platforms, cities and major bridges and highways. A war erupts with the PLAV guerrillas shortly after, with some members making attempts on Solano's life. After eliminating all opposition standing in their way, Solano arrives at the building where he will be made the new President, with the intention to create, as he puts it; "A South American Super Power." This would lead to the Venezuelan War.


  • Pandemic Studios made their own song based on the events of the betrayal and events that will follow, the song was very successful and generated many views.
  • Comically the event in which the Merc was shot in the butt is brought up many times in the game, where some factions even recognize the player as "The one that got shot in the ass."
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