General Choi Song, the Ace of Spades

"I could not stop him. I tried, but there was nothing I could do."
— President Choi Kim

The Ace of Spades is the fourth and last ace contract and the twelfth and last contract for the Allied Nations in the last quarter of Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction. The Ace Contract is also the last mission in the game! The contract takes place on an unknown island in the Korean Peninsula.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The Ace of Spades contract involves rescuing North Korea's former President Choi Kim from a prison and then verifying the Ace of Spades with the option to prevent the launch of Song's nuclear missiles.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

  1. Investigate prison
  2. Verify the Ace of Spades

Supplies & Support Given[edit | edit source]

The player is supplied with or given as support:

After inspecting the Prison, the AN makes the following Air Strikes available:

The Contract[edit | edit source]

The player will encounter strong enemy ground and air resistance including Special Forces soldiers, Sungri Scouts, BTR APCs, BMP APCs, T-54 and T-62 tanks, ZSU-57 Anti-Air vehicles, SA-8 Anti-Air vehicles, M1955 Artillery pieces, MD-500 Scout, and Mi-35 Gunships.

The M1 tank platoon at the beginning of the contract

As soon as the contract begins you will be in an M1 Tank, with two more in front. The Allied tanks will begin pushing forward towards the prison facility and you're free to follow them. As you advance up the road you'll encounter three T-54s attempting to ambush you. They pose little threat and are easily destroyed in one hit by the M1's cannon. You will then come to a destroyed village filled with more tanks, now including T-62s, SAM launchers, artillery pieces, and numerous soldiers around the area, some equipped with RPGs. Fiona will warn you about incoming helicopters. Three Mi-35s will make their way towards you at low altitude, giving you the opportunity to blast them with your cannon. Alternatively use one of the discounted Air Superiority strikes the Allies gave you. As you near the end of the village you will encounter four T-62s. One to the left, near the HQs, one to the right in the mountains and two down.

A short distance after the village you'll come across an NK checkpoint with a small nearby barracks. RPG soldiers will begin spawning from the barracks so take them out and advance past the gate. Three T-62s will come rolling down the hill to stop you. At this point if you need ammo for your tank check the large bunker at the back of the base. There will be multiple vehicle ammo crates located here. If you need health for your vehicle you'll need to order a repair drop from the Merchant of Menace.

Mattias discovers President Kim within the prison

As you advance up the hill you'll encounter more T-62s, a few RPG soldiers, an SA-8, and a ZSU-57. After the ZSU you will arrive at the entrance to the prison complex. The entrance is guarded by a recoilless rifle on the right, and two RPG soldiers on top of the buildings. A BMP APC will begin advancing from the left side as you enter, along with multiple RPG soldiers huddled around an SA-8. There is a large underground bunker on the left that will constantly spawn BMPs and T-62s, so it would be wise to quickly take it out (the M1's cannon can take it out in about three shots). After these initial defenses are dealt with you can advance towards the prison itself. The prison is guarded by a few soldiers and elites. watch out for the elite sniper on top of the watchtower on the south side of the road. When all hostiles are taken care of, approach the entrance and enter the prison to watch the cutscene. When the cutscene ends walk towards the door to exit the prison.

When you emerge a large AN relief force will have arrived, including two M1126 APCs, an M3 APC, an Ambulance, a varied amount of M1 tanks depending on how many survived the initial attack, and many AN soldiers, at least one of which is holding an AT missile launcher. If your M1 tank survived up until now, its health and ammo will be replenished.

AN reinforcements

After leaving the prison complex, you will shortly see a small underground bunker on the left side of the road. start shooting this immediately, as three RPG soldiers are hiding inside and they can do a number on you if you drive past unaware. A ZSU-57 is also waiting on the other side a house further up the road. Further along will be a base with multiple helipads, and two MD-500 Scouts parked on two of them. Do not destroy these helicopters, and try to stop any infantry from getting in them, you may need them for later. The base features a few T-62s and a bunker that will continuously spawn ZSU-57s. A ZSU-57 and SA-8 are stationed near the cliff. As you approach the helipad an Mi-35 will attack from the cliff, so be prepared.

After passing the helipads you'll encounter a large base filled with many NK forces. The entrance has a grenade MG set up, which should be taken out quickly. Further ahead are two bunkers that will spawn ZSU-57s and T-62s constantly, many SA-8s scattered around, and infantry. There are also numerous M1978 Artillery pieces along the cliffs, but these will not shoot you and pose no threat. As you reach the end of the base there will be multiple shipping containers lined up forming a wall with a recoilless rifle and RPG soldier set up behind. After this base you'll encounter a few more infantry blockades until you come to a bridge next to a waterfall. As you approach it the North Koreans will detonate the bridge, partially destroying it. Fortunately, it collapses in a way that resembles a ramp. While heavier vehicles like tanks won't be able to cross, lighter vehicles such as the Sungri Scout can easily clear the distance. A small squad of NK elites nearby have two Sungri Scouts which you can borrow, or can order whatever preferred fast vehicle you like from the shop. Alternatively, you can head back to the helipads and take one of the MD-500s to fly across the bridge. Note that there is an NK officer on the other side, and still plenty of AA left to deal with.

The destroyed bridge

After the bridge many barricades will be placed along the road, protected by elite infantry and RPG troops. To the right of this barricade, on top of the hill is a hardened bunker with two NK elites armed with SAM launchers, as well as a crate with a few blocks of C4. More officers, elites, and SAM troops will be encountered along the hill leading to the launch facility. When you reach the top, a hardened gate and wall will greet you, along with some elites. Two or three C4 charges will destroy the gate, and there are crates nearby with C4 if you need to refill. After you destroy the gate Song will launch the nuclear missiles and a six and a half minute countdown will begin.

The launch site is filled with many elite soldiers, equipped with a variety of weapons. If you have a helicopter, and can survive the SAM barrages, you can fly over all the obstacles to the missile launch panel, otherwise you'll need to start blowing holes on walls to get to the end of the facility. There are two jammers in the facility, which will need to be destroyed if you want to call in support. One is halfway through the facility on the far right, while the other is directly behind the missile computer.

The missile launch computer

Towards the end of the facility you'll find the main hangar where the computer is. Be careful with airstrikes and explosives here as you might destroy the computer and miss out on the 'good' ending. The hangar is protected by two heavy MGs and a grenade MG at the front and many other elite soldiers. There are two SA-8s around the hangar, one stationed on either side, along with four bunkers surrounding the hangar which constantly spawn elites. When all enemies around the computer have been dealt with (watch out for two elites with Shotguns around the corner from the computer) run up to the computer and input the codes, making sure to stay next to the computer until the sequence has been competed.

When the input sequence finishes, an Mi-35 will fly past the hangar and towards the entrance. It will land in front of the gate and drop off Song, who is equipped with a Prototype Rifle, and three elite soldiers, one of which has an RPG.

It is possible to reach the console without blasting the gate. It requires a helo. If you were able to steal an Mi-35 (preferably), you can, from outside the fortress, destroy the 3 jammers and SA-8s. You will need to order in some vehicle ammo drops for this to work. Once you can secure the ground area below the easternmost part of the hilltop, you will find one SA-8 outside the fortress in the nape of two hills. Taking out the third jammer requires very good piloting skills. You cannot lock on for a missile strike, so you need to aim very carefully and free fire your ATGMs. Also, in the rear corners are some troop bunkers. Destroy them to prevent reinforcements. After that, land and go for the console from the back of the hangar-like building. Only a few NK Elites are present. Do not use explosives! If you do, you might destroy the console and that will guarantee the bad ending. If you have the Portable Airstrike (POG mode replay), you can use this to bring down the hangar, taking out the jammer and most of troops without destroying the console. On the right side (facing towards the gate) is a tree. Aim just to the left of it. The splash will bring down the hangar only just. Get back in the helo, land in the open near a corner and run to console. After that, get back in and fly to the gate area. Normally, Song goes inside the Fortress for his 'last stand', but if the gate is still intact, he is trapped outside. Use the helo weapons to destroy Song's Mi-35 and his support troops. Land, as far from Song as possible, and go take him down. Flashbangs come in real handy. Once he's down, call for extraction. Make sure the landing pad is clear, first, or the attempt will fail.

The final extraction

There are two different endings based on whether the player manages to disable the nuclear missile in time or if they fail and the nukes detonate. The ending cut scene will also differ depending on how much the player has helped the other factions. Whichever faction has received the most help (contracts completed) will be victorious in the Korean theater. If you helped all factions equally, the Russian Mafia will unofficially take control of North Korea.

The value of the contract is the value of the ace card - General Song - which is $100,000,000 alive or $50,000,000 dead. Completing this contract will unlock Playground of Destruction mode, which can be accessed by saving your game after capturing Song, and then continuing from that save file. This mode will allow you to start a new game with all of your weapons, unlocks, money, and faction standing. If you captured every other Deck of 52 member you will unlock the Cheat Weapons Drop upon starting a new game with the same save file.

Email Message[edit | edit source]

Sender: Major Steven Howard

Subject: Mission: 'The Ace of Spades'

This is it. Find the General and we can all go home.


Contract Terms & Conditions

1. Investigate prison
2. Verify the Ace of Spades

Bounty value: $100,000,000 alive/$50,000,000 dead

Transcript[edit | edit source]

The player speaks to Garrett outside the HQ

  • Colonel Garrett: Good news! You're cleared for Song. I'll give you the details inside.

The player enters the HQ

  • Colonel Garrett: This is the big show, soldier. There's only one thing between us and total victory in this theater, and that's Song. He's holed up in a fortified mountain complex north of here. We can't get a fix on his exact location, but there's been a lot of activity near an old jail facility nearby. Check it out. If Song's not there, you may be able to find out where he went.

The player remains in the HQ

  • Colonel Garrett: Almost wish I could be out there in your place. Chance to corner that murderous thug myself? Be worth the court martial I'd face when I got back.

The player still remains in the HQ

  • Colonel Garrett: God only knows what's going to happen to this country and its poor people once we leave.

The player continues to remain in the HQ

  • Colonel Garrett: You waitin' for a better offer? Get the hell out there!

The player accepts the contract

The contract starts. The mercenary is in an M1 Tank with two Allied tanks in front of them advancing forward

  • Fiona: You'll be spearheading the assault with a platoon of Garrett's tanks. Although you don't have to stick with them, heavy armor is always an asset. Satellite photos show large concentrations of AA near the prison, so use caution.
  • Fiona: The Allies have made all their airstrikes available to you. You don't need to be shy about using them here.

The player advances forward with the Allied armor. Enemy ground resistance is encountered and artillery begins to rain down on the tanks

  • Fiona: Incoming helicopters--they'll tear through the tanks.

The player continues to engage the enemy forces and advance forward. Eventually the mercenary arrives at the prison and finds President Kim inside.

  • President Kim: I could not stop him. I tried, but there was nothing I could do. He was too strong, too determined... I could not stop him.
  • President Kim: Song... My son. His men tortured me. For weeks they have tortured me... I could not bear it any longer. He has the codes.
    • Chris:
    • Jennifer: The launch codes?!
    • Mattias: The launch codes?!
  • President Kim: You must stop him. My son is a desperate man. He will launch his missiles, I know it.
    • Chris:
    • Jennifer: I'm on it. Hang in there, President, I'm calling an evac chopper for you.
    • Mattias: I'm on it. Don't die yet. I'm calling a chopper.
  • President Kim: Go! Now!

The mercenary leaves the prison. Allied reinforcements have arrived - including an M3 APC and M1126 APC.

  • Fiona: The Allies questioned President Kim. He gave them the abort codes for the nukes, and General Song's location. I've sent the codes to your PDA and marked Song's location on your radar.

The player advances towards Song while encountering strong North Korean ground resistance. Their support options go offline from a nearby radar jammer.

As the player continues towards the Ace of Spades, the North Koreans destroy the bridge, forcing the player to abandon the tank

  • Fiona: They've blown the bridge! Well, there's only one way across...

The player destroys the entrance to the launch site

  • Fiona: He's launched the missiles! You've only got one chance now; that code Kim gave us can still disable the warheads, but you need to enter it before they get out of range!

If the missile computer is destroyed before the missile are aborted

  • Fiona: Oh no! You've destroyed the computer! There's no way to stop the missiles now. Stay focused. An A.N. extraction team is on its way for Kim. Now go get Song!

If the player fails to reach the computer in time and abort the missile launch

  • Fiona: The missiles are out of range. There's no way to stop them now. Stay focused. An A.N. extraction team is on its way for Kim. Now go get Song!

The player successfully inputs the codes and stops the missiles

  • Fiona: You did it! You stopped the missiles! Stay focused. An A.N. extraction team is on its way for Kim. Now go get Song!

General Song begins talking over the facility's loudspeaker

  • General Song: This is your fault, mercenary. Yours and yours alone! It didn't have to come to this. Do you think I want to launch a nuclear missile? Of course not! But you leave me no choice. Because of you, I have no army. I have no country. I have only these missiles...
  • General Song: ...and the will to use them! How else can I get the world to listen?

General Song appears within the facility

  • Fiona: Quick! Get him!

The player captures General Song

    • Chris:
    • Jennifer: The chase is over. You're finished, Song.
    • Mattias: Ooh, I love this part: say goodbye, General Song!
  • Fiona: You did it! 100,000,000 dollars in the bag!
    • Chris:
    • Jennifer: Yeah, not too bad for a day's work.
    • Mattias: Yeah, it's not too bad for a day's work.

The mercenary is extracted via AN helicopter as the sun rises on the facility. A GSRN report begins playing after.

Adriana Livingston is inside a helicopter flying above a war torn city somewhere in North Korea

NOTE: The following cutscene varies depending on which factions you helped, and whether or not you aborted the missile launch sequence. The following transcript will play if you helped all factions, ended the game with maximum standing with all factions, and aborted the launch sequence

  • Adriana Livingston: ...above the war-torn landscapes of North Korea, where a crisis of global proportions has been averted. Ladies and gentlemen, I have confirmation that the nuclear warheads have detonated harmlessly in the upper atmosphere. I repeat, the nuclear warheads are no longer a threat. The nuclear fallout will be blown out to sea. But sadly, for the people of North Korea, the fallout from this crisis will continue for years to come. This is Adriana Livingston, reporting live, for GSRN.

The cutscene shifts to a report by Kyle Kowakian. Various scenes around North Korea are shown.

  • Kyle Kowakian: Are we back? Factional violence continues to rock Pyongyang, with little regard for A.N. authority. With reports that the Russian Mafia is now firmly in control, one fears that the worst has not yet passed for the people of North Korea. For GSRN, this is Kyle Kowakian.

When the cutscenes finish the credits will begin rolling, which finish with the player's various stats. The player is then returned to the main menu

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This is the only contract in the game where the time of day will change.
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