Yun-yeon Cho, also known as the Ten of Spades, was formally an ambassador's aide and currently a member of the Korean People's Army Elite Special Forces during Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction.

ExOps bio[edit | edit source]

Name: Yun-yeon Cho
"Yun-yeon Cho served as an ambassador's aide until the age of 33, at which point she abruptly left her job and applied for Song's elite training program. Nobody in the west has managed to learn the reason behind this. Though she trained with women 2/3rds her age, she received the highest marks in the class."

Overview[edit | edit source]

Cho can be found in the Northern Province of North Korea, along with the Hearts, but the she and the other Spades can only be verified after the Ace of Hearts contract has been completed.

Her exact location is south-south-east of Farm Valley, between the village and the road between Chongju and Yongbyon Reactors.

There are two entrances to the base where Cho is located; a southern and northern entrance. The northern entrance can be accessed from Farm Valley, and is guarded by many layers of manned sandbags and MG nests. The southern entrance can be accessed from the road between Chongju and Yongbyon, and is blocked by a gate with an SA-8 Anti-Air and unmanned BTR APC behind it. Inside the base are many regular KPA troops, another BTR, and an MD-500 Scout which will take off and engage you once you enter the base. Cho herself is armed with an LMG.

Email Message[edit | edit source]

Sender: Fiona Taylor
Subject: Yun-yeon Cho, the 10 of Spades
These women in Song's special forces unit are fascinating. Yun-yeon Cho, the 10 of Spades, was a diplomat's aide before she left to join Park's elite squad. No-one knows why. She was 33 when she joined, the oldest in the unit by several years. Still managed to get high marks, apparently. Hard to trust any intel coming out of North Korea, though. The Allies believe she's stationed a few miles south of Kusong.

GSRN Report[edit | edit source]

Upon capturing/verifying the Ten of Spades, GSRN Trucks will broadcast the following report:

"A former ambassador's aide before volunteering for Song's special forces squad, Ten of Spades Yun-yeon Cho was captured last night, after extensive combat with Allied troops."
GSRN report

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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Hearts TwoThreeFourFiveSixSevenEightNineTen
Spades TwoThreeFourFiveSixSevenEightNineTen

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