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MErcs playground of destruction ---blood fx and vehicle unlocks Edit

hello..... I read in another wiki that the blood in mercs playground of destruction could be unlocked upon capturing and not killing the deck of 52.... I have completed the game on the xbox version and still have not unlocked the blood special effect... Can anyone tell me if you need to get all the bonuses and complete at 100 percent to get the blood special effect... There must be the original file buried within the game itself which will turn the brown beige sandy colour which does spurt out from shot enemies to the dark red blood effect shown in original stills of the game back in 2005...  I'm thinking that there maybe other released versions of playground, promos etc that may have contained some of the original effects and sequences edited upon the release of the main game disc... who knows anything???

Another question regards the use of the vehicles especially the heavy MBT tanks in the southern province such as the T 62 MBT... There are burning wrecks of the  tanks (t 62) along the roads in the southern NK map at the begining of the game.. Where SK and NK troops fight it out near Sairwon town... I can remember reading a hint/tip a while back which claimed that there was a way to unlock and restore  the T 62 MBT in the Soutnern province from the burning wrecks and use them.. Before the ACE of Diamonds contract of Krin DO island. which takes you to the North Province...

Its a shame there was no PC version Playground of Destruction. Any buried or hidden files etc and playable content could be examined and unlocked easier.  Example why cant you have all the choppers on all the maps especially the Kamov anytime anyplace etc...  If anyone has any tips to do this I have the original XBOX version and would llike to open anything the game has apart from the usual Cheats etc...

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