Takeover of Solano's Villa
Solano's Villa.
Conflict: Venezuelan War
Date: August 30, 2010
Place: Solano's Villa, Venezuela
Outcome: PMC victory
PMC insginia
Private Military Company
800px-Flag of Venezuela.svg
Republic of Venezuela
PMC Venezuelan Army
4 At least 6 squads of infantry(about 36-40 soldiers)
1 tank
none Tank captured
About 30-40
Venezuelan War

The Betrayal - 1st Solano's Villa - 1st Maracaibo - Falcon's Compound - Orinoco River Outpost - 2nd Maracaibo - Altagracia Outpost - 3rd Maracaibo - Cabimas Outpost - Guanare - Isla de Fortelaza - Oil Rig - National Intervention - 2nd Solano's Villa - Caracas - Angel Falls - Battle of Margarita - UP HQ - Fall of Solano

The Battle of Solano's Villa was the first battle of the Venezuelan War.


After the mercenary barely escaped Ramon Solano's betrayal, he became the president of a new regime over Venezuela. Fiona Taylor claimed that the mercenaries must seize a base, and the mercenaries chose to take over his old villa near Maracaibo.

The mercenaries broke through the base, demolished the gates and wrested control from the occupying forces, led by some gangsters that Solano hired to use as officers for his army. All of the gangsters were killed, and the mercenaries entered the mansion.

Soon, they had to face a Puma Light Tank and several soldiers. After hijacking the vehicle and killing the owner, the mercenary managed to fight off a couple waves of soldiers and after realizing they cannot hold on anymore, they retreated. In the end, the place was blown up but was under reconstruction by the time that the villa was pin-pointed as the PMC-controlled base.

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