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Taechon is a county to the west of the Northern Province in North Korea, it's featured in Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction. Taechon has two notable areas; Taechon Western Battlefields, and the Taechon Reactors.

Taechon Western BattlefieldsEdit

Taechon Western Battlefields (as it's referred to in game) is a small city to the West of the county. The city itself is never named, and mainly comprises of blown out or leveled buildings. There is a North Korean High Value Target commanding soldiers in this area.

Taechon ReactorEdit

The Taechon Reactor complex is the second Reactor in the Northern Province, as the name suggests, it is a nuclear reactor. The reactor is unique because it is the only free-roam location where the player encounters radiation. When passing by this area, it is advised to either have a fast vehicle for a quick pass, or an armoured vehicle to counter the radiation. By the time the mercenary starts encountering the Spades, however, the reactor is shut down and the radiation disperses, permitting safe travel through the complex.

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