The North Korean produced Taebaek is a civilian SUV featured in Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction.


A light tan color, the Taebaek is capable of speeds that allow it to move from one point to another with relative quickness. It is unknown if it is produced by the Sungri Motor Company, who produce most of the civilian vehicles found in the game.

Trading one in to the Russian Mafia chopshop will net you $744.


Lightly armored and completely unarmed, it is only a viable option where a disguise is a must, and enemy officers are few and far between. Its agility can get the mercenary through enemy lines quickly, however.


One location where the Taebaek is guarenteed to show up is at the Allied M.A.S.H in the Northern Province. This particular Taebaek also offers a taxi challenge, however, you can just cancel the challenge and use the Taebaek for your own leisure.

The Taebaek can also be found during a challenge located at the Unsan Village in which the mercenary must assassinate local drug dealers; the targets can be found driving Taebaeks.

Real LifeEdit

The Taebaek seems to be based on the American-made Land Rover Discovery. It is named after the Taebaek Mountains.

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