Universal Petroleum

Tactical Solutions Incorporated is a private military company contracted by Universal Petroleum in Mercenaries 2: World In Flames.


"I hate Venezuela, it's hot all the time, people shooting at you."
— TSI mercenary

In Mercenaries 2, TSI's employees have a reputation for being poorly trained and having a small pay demand, so they are naturally employed as cheap security personnel, suited to fighting undertrained and underequipped guerillas and criminals but unfit to stand against a regular army. Because their employees all speak English and have vaguely Southeastern American accents, they are likely based somewhere in the United States.

In the eyes of the P.L.A.V., TSI mercenaries are "willing pawns of the Capitalist-Military Industrial Complex."

"Hazard pay? Man, I should get humidity pay"
— TSI mercenary

Known MembersEdit


  • According to one of Mattias's profiles in the first game, TSI previously employed more talented mercenaries, such as Nilsson, into their ranks; however, they eventually "closed their doors" and most of these former mercs ended up joining ExOps.
  • TSI appears to be based on Academi (formerly Blackwater/Xe), a private military company based in Virginia. Academi protects American interests abroad, both public and private, and operates an arsenal similar to TSI. However, its employess are the polar opposite of TSI's, being mostly ex-special ops and commanding six figure salaries.
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