"That´s the listening device!? Not what I was expecting, but I guess it makes sense."
— Fiona´s comment on the Surveillance truck

The Surveillance truck is a Universal Petroleum truck, exclusive to the PS2 version of Mercenaries 2: World in Flames.


The Surveillance truck is a vehicle that only appears in the mission 'Listening Closely'. It is used as a listening device for the Universal Petroleum to track down the kidnappers, but don´t let its appearance fool you, the truck´s acceleration and top speed is faster than its civilian counter part and can be targeted by anti-tank weaponry.



  • The Surveillance truck shares the same model with his civilian counter part the Box truck.
  • If the mercenary tries to save the Surveillance truck in the Stockpile it turns into the civilian counter part.
  • There are only four in the hole game, all in the mission 'Listening Closely'.
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