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The Street Sweeper is one of the three unlockable cheat weapons in Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction.


The Street Sweeper is shaped like a Steyr MPi-81 SMG with a silencer and stock extended, but is not silent in any way, has a 3000 round clip, and fires with the speed, sound, and damage of the MD-500's minigun. The gun's fire rate and small arms ammo allows it to destroy light armor in seconds. When not being used, it sits on the wielder's back in a strange way, appearing to go straight through the character's shoulder.

The Street Sweeper is arguably the most powerful light weapon in the game, capable of quickly killing all enemy infantry units as well as destroying light vehicles in seconds. The only real drawback is the lack of accuracy and shot spread. Bullets literally fire in a cone pattern, which can be a detriment in close quarters.

It can be acquired in the Cheat Weapons Drop, which can be unlocked in the Merchant of Menace by capturing all Deck of 52 members alive.

Real LifeEdit

Although the Street Sweeper does not resemble any real world firearm, a real world shotgun known as the Street Sweeper does exist.

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