"High-performance and high-style"
Merchant of Menace store caption

The Street Racer is a civilian sports car featured in Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction.


"Who says you can't have fun in a war zone? Enemy combatants will be a blur in the rear-view mirror when you cruise by in this custom-tuned racer."
— Merchant of Menace store description

The Street Racer can only be found in the contract 106 Miles to Sinuiju where it is provided for the Russian Mafia, other than that, it has to be delivered by ordering it from the "Merchant of Menace" shop.

The Street Racer, as its name invokes, is a sports car, featuring a red paint scheme with white stripe going down the middle. Being the fastest land vehicle in the game, it has no armor and has an open roof which gives the passenger very little protection, and only holds two people. The Street Racer is capable at moving at such high speeds that crashing head-on could be fatal for the vehicle, even at maximum health, causing it to explode immediately and injure or kill the driver and passenger. This makes it ill-advised to drive carelessly with important passengers, such as a HVT (who you intend to keep alive) or an escort.

The Street Racer is given to the player as a shop item after the mission 106 miles to Sinuiju, but only if the player reaches the docks with the Racer intact. As stated before, the Street Racer is extremely fast, easily exceeding the speed of any other vehicle in the game, even more than some of the helicopters.

Real LifeEdit

The Street Racer seems to be based on the Toyota MR2.


  • The Street Racer is one of the only vehicles that is only seen once throughout the course of the entire game, along with the Russian VIP Sedan, Hummer H3 and Ka-50 attack helicopter.
  • It reappears in the PS2 version of Mercenaries 2 but recolored with a white body and a blue stripe.
  • At a high enough speed, the street racer is capable of outrunning a number of projectiles, such as TOW missiles. This feat is particularly impressive, considering a number of helicopters struggle or outright fail to avoid these same missiles.

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