"A blast from the past!"
— Merchant of Menace store caption

The Strategic Missile Strike is an airstrike featured in Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction and Mercenaries 2: World in Flames.

Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction Edit

Air Strikes Strategic Missile Strike

Strategic Missile Strike image and icon

"Developed during the Cold War, the FROG missile is capable of delivering devastation over a wide area. Sorry, nuclear warheads are not available at this time."
— Merchant of Menace store description


The Strategic Missile Strike is a small but potent airstrike that can destroy unhardened structures within a small area with ease. It is comparable to the Cruise Missile Strike in its delivery system, but lacks the destructive power of the cruise missile's warhead.


  • The Strategic Missile Strike is perfect for destroying buildings, slow moving armored vehicles, and enemy positions.
  • It is notably effective for clearing enemy footholds and bunkers.
  • Because it does not release a shockwave like the Cruise missile, it is less prone to kill any friendlies in the area it strikes.


  • Unlocked by: Complete the secondary objective in Bait and Switch.
  • Cost: $60 000
  • Guidance: Satellite
  • Delivery: Artillery rocket

Mercenaries 2: World in FlamesEdit

"Create a large airburst over the target area damaging everything in the area with deadly shrapnel and debris."
— Stockpile caption
Strategic missile passcode
SMS Launch-2


Strategic Missile Strike Stage 1
Strategic Missile Strike Stage 2
Air Strikes Strategic Missile Strike (2)

Strategic Missile Strike icon


This airstrike is a Short Range Ballistic Missile (SRBM) fired from some unknown location near or in Venezuela by the People's Liberation Army. When called in, a missile (similar to a Bladesong Missile Boat missile) will launch in the distance and rise past the clouds from the direction the Mercenary was looking when the beacon became active. Approximately twenty seconds after placing the beacon, the missile will reappear, airburst and split.

The Strategic Missile Strike is a bit of a mix of a Cluster Bomb on steroids and a Cruise Missile Strike that does not track the target. When the missile is about fifteen meters above the beacon, it will detonate, creating a large shockwave, destroying nearby buildings and sending out several large fiery and explosive submunitions in seemingly random directions. It has a very high potential for collateral damage but also a high potential to destroy the target (or targets).

It is not very convenient because it involves the player being near the target (real life Ballistic Missiles are often GPS guided). Besides that small inconvenience, it is a very cool looking airstrike and will get the job done.

This airstrike can be found in the form of a passcode, it can be found around the Caracas Allied controlled and Chinese Targeted Estates.


  • Unlocked by: ?
  • Cost: ?
  • Guidance: Beacon
  • Fuel: 220 gallons
  • Delivery: Ballistic Missile

Real LifeEdit

In Mercs 1, the Strategic Missile Strike is a missile fired from a FROG-7, which is also seen in-game but its missile cannot be fired.

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