"ExOps does a god job briefing their agents said you didn't want to hear "authorization" or "approval". Well..."
— Maj. Howard to Col. Garrett

Major Steven Howard is a high ranking military officer of the Allied Nations during the events of Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction.


Major Steven Howard can always be found within the AN HQ, alongside his superior Col. Garrett. He serves as Garrett's aide and second-in-command, and most importantly was responsible for acting as liaison with ExOps to assist in tracking down the Deck of 52. He is also responsible for handing out contracts to the mercenary as well as sending them information through emails for both contracts and Deck of 52 intel.


Howard appears seems more laid back and relaxed than Garrett, keeping his cool under pressure from Garrett's rants and always speaking in nonchalant tones. He shows a degree of pragmatism and initiative when he is by contacted by ExOps to help bypass the various red tape the AN was encountering and capture General Song, to which he agrees.

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