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The Stealth Bomber Attack is a carpet bombing run stealth air strike in Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction.


The Stealth Bomber Attack is a unique air strike because it is only offered by the South Koreans on three contracts - A Farewell to Kings, Master of None and Clear Channel.

The Stealth Bomber Attack is, like the Carpet Bomb, highly effective in destroying stationary and moving targets like infantry, vehicles and unhardened structures. However, it has little effect on hardened structures like bunkers, which should be left up to the Bunker Buster Bomb to destroy. Rarely, the airstrike may miss its target entirely, perhaps due to a glitch.

The Stealth Bomber Attack is essentially a stealth version of the Carpet Bomb and a larger scale version of the Stealth Fighter Attack.


The Stealth Bomber Attack air strike is given to the player to destroy specific targets on certain South Korean contract. The air strike can be used on other targets, but the player will then have to use other weapons, explosives or air strikes to complete their objectives.


  • Unlocked by: Available during certain South Korean contracts only
  • Cost: Free or $200,000
  • Guidance: Satellite
  • Delivery: Northrop Grumman B-2 Spirit

Real lifeEdit

The bombing run is delivered by the real life B-2 Spirit - a strategic bomber with low observable stealth technology.


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