The Speedboat is a civilian boat featured in Mercenaries 2: World in Flames.


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The Speedboat is often found near shore, typically north of the Port of Caracas. It is the fastest form of civilian water transport. It has bright lights on the back that brighten the surroundings which are easily noticeable and sometimes irritating in darker areas.

The Speedboat resembles and probably is the un-modified version of the Prestes Patrol Boat and the unmodified version of the Triton Patrol Boat.

It is not to be confused with the Motorboat (a much slower boat). The Speedboat can be purchased from the Pirates for $15,000 when neutral or $10,000 when friendly with the Pirates.


The Speedboat is a good choice for transportation over water, it is also relatively cheap compared to fast military grade patrol boats such as the Piranha, Prestes and Triton. It also offers the benefits of having a Civilian disguise, but has no armaments to defend itself and minimal armor. The Speedboat should be used for transportation rather than combat.

Real lifeEdit

The Speedboat could be based on any generic high performance speedboat with an inboard engine.


  • This is the first vehicle the player will use (unless the player decides to swim), during the mission to rescue General Carmona.
  • The passenger seat cannot be used.

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