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South Korean-Chinese War
Chinese sniper at the Farm Village.
Conflict: Song Initiative
Date: 2009
Place: Border between China and South Korea.
Outcome: Chinese victory
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People's Republic of China
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Republic of Korea
Zhou Peng
Kai Leu
Mitchell Buford
Major Park
People's Liberation Army South Korean army in Korea
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South Korean-Chinese War

Pyongyang Incident - Nampo - Propaganda Village - Farm Village - Dandong

The South Korean-Chinese War was a military conflict between the People's Liberation Army of China, and the CIA-backed South Korean Army.


The conflict between the two forces began when the Chinese took a South Korean officer captive in Pyongyang Airport. The mercenary that Executive Operations had dispatched on the mission rescued him from their captivity, initiating the beginning of the small-scale war. Soon, skirmishing began when the South Koreans began to fight the Chinese on the roads. The conflict became more intense as the South Korean Expeditionary Army sent to North Korea neared the Chinese border with the Korean Peninsula. Battling with the Chinese escalated in the Farm Village, where a full-scale battle errupted. South Korean officers and Chinese officers led their men into battle with their tanks, and an long battle ensued. Soon, South Korean forces destroyed the Dandong Bridge and prevented a Chinese crossing. After that event, however, the Chinese somehow [1] struck back under Colonel Zhou Peng and defeated the South Koreans.


  • As posted above, the conflict must have been won by the Chinese if Colonel Peng made it to General in 2010 in time for the Venezuelan War, as according to the fourth bullet.
  • This henceforth means that China conquered North Korea.