Song tower

The Song Tower is a large, iconic skyscraper located on an island in the Southern Province of North Korea. It serves as the headquarters of the Ace of Clubs, Dung Hwangbo.

The TowerEdit

The Tower is a tall, cone-shaped skyscraper located on an island in the middle of a large lake in the Southern Province. Stationed around the base of the tower are several elite KPA soldiers who have set up a barricade to prevent any invaders from coming in. Around the island where the Tower is built upon is a deserted city, long-since evacuated of its populace, and in their place are numerous KPA troops and vehicles. It is unknown what purpose the Tower served, as it was hardened against regular weapons, necessitating the use of a heavy weapon like a Bunker Buster. Possibly, it was used by Division 39 as their headquarters, and was reinforced specifically to make it almost impossible to bring down.

Hwangbo's FlightEdit

During the pursuit of Dung Hwangbo, an ExOps mercenary destroyed the tower with a Bunker Buster bomb. However, Hwangbo managed to escape the collapsing rubble of his abode, and attempted to escape to a nearby outpost, protected from the skies by the Defender of Hwangbo, the Ace of Clubs's personal bodyguard. This was not enough to deter the mercenary, and Hwangbo was eventually verified.

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • Song Tower is visibly based on- and near-identical to- the Ryugyong Hotel, a 105-story incomplete hotel in Pyongyang, the capital city of North Korea. Song Tower is located on an island, however, and not in Pyongyang.
  • The real-life Ryugyong Hotel, intended to be the tallest and most prestigious hotel in North Korea, was first begun at the direction of the North Korean government in 1987. Construction has started and stopped at various points since then, and the hotel remains incomplete after 31 years as of 2018.
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