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Shanty Town is a large shanty town lying south of Caracas that is featured in Mercenaries 2: World in Flames.


The Shanty town, by definition, is a slum. Most of the buildings are made of scrap materials, such as sheets of plywood or tin. There are a few buildings made out of concrete but they are poorly build. Because of these sub-standard building materials and very cramped buildings, a misplaced (or well placed) airstrike can cause a lot of potential collateral damage.

The PLA are supposed to control the Shanty Town but they are only seen to do so during the Missile Commando contract, usually there are only small squads with a Sundered Dragonfly IFV on the Northern side of the Shanty Town near the bridges to Caracas. There are AN roadblocks facing Caracas (facing the wrong way) and are usually being assaulted by VZ. On the hill to the South, there are three PLA positions with Armored Tiger MLRSs overlooking the area.

There are several target buildings that the Allied Nations are paying to destroy, many of the Chinese soldiers hide behind buildings and structures usually making the combat range relatively short. It is a common sight to see Bladesong Missile Boats fighting an Ambassador Gunship from the South-Eastern Caracas Outpost.

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