Seon-keun Yun, also known as the Seven of Diamonds, is an air cavalry commander and officer in the Korean People's Army during Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction.

ExOps Bio[edit | edit source]

Name: Seon-keun Yun
"Major Yun is General Chang's chosen air commander for his Air Cavalry divisions. Yun is a highly trained helicopter pilot, and experienced air combatant; a veteran of many skirmishes between the DPRK and South Korea. He can often be found personally leading any air escorts for General Chang."

Overview[edit | edit source]

He can be found in the Southern Province of North Korea, along with the Clubs, but he and the other Diamonds can only be verified after the Ace of Clubs contract has been completed.

His exact location is south of Heuk Dae Moon and far north of the Allied Nations HQ. He is at the end of a valley due north of AN HQ and very close to the edge of the map. You reach him by turning right off of the road after the long climbing curved section of road a bit to the east and north of an ongoing battle between DPRK and SK forces, due east of the large blockhouse in a pit which the road curves above and around.

Yun has two soldiers guarding him as well as a truck and some supply crates. Further up the path from him are a few more soldiers and a BTR APC. The player can easily verify him dead or alive.

Email Message[edit | edit source]

Sender: Fiona Taylor
Subject: Major Seon-keun Yun, the 7 of Diamonds
Peng arranged for another Chinese intelligence report to be delivered to me. It goes into some detail about Major Seon-keun Yun's operations. He's the 7 of Diamonds, and the former deputy minister for General Chang's Air Cavalry divisions. Don't be surprised if some of his helicopters are standing by. The report mentions a temporary base set up east of Ichon.

GSRN Report[edit | edit source]

Upon capturing/verifying the Seven of Diamonds, GSRN Trucks will broadcast the following report:

"General Chang's premier air support commander, Major Seon-keun Yun, the Seven of Diamonds, was captured late last night after fierce fighting between his men and heroic Allied forces. It is rumored Colonel Samuel Garrett personally commanded his troops in the engagement."
— GSRN Reporter

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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