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The Second Battle of Solano's Villa was a major skirmish during the Venezuelan War. While the Mercenary was in Angel Falls attempting to destroy Solano's hardened bunker, ( which was hardened against everything save a Nuclear Bunker Buster ), General Carmona assembled a contingent of troops and tanks to attack the PMC Villa. The Mercenary returned in a hijacked Anaconda and started to decimate the VZ forces. Unfortunately, the Anaconda gets shot down ( courtesy of Mosquito AA ) and the Mercenary is forced to fight on foot. After destroying the first wave, reinforcements arrive but are also destroyed. Fiona then yells that Carmona has slipped inside but is cut off by radio static. The Mercenary bursts in to find Carmona holding Fiona hostage with a Luger. Taunting them with the words "Too late, Mercenary", he prepares to kill Fiona but Ewan whacks him with a miniature statue. Fiona jumps out of the way as the Mercenary kicks Carmona's Luger out of his hands. Ewan attempts to hit the general again but misses and hits the merc instead. Carmona takes this as an oppertunity to flee while Ewan apologises. As the merc pursues Carmona, Misha wanders in drunkenly asking " What did I miss ? ". Carmona runs to a waiting Iguana and, if not stopped, will drive to a small VZ camp and get into a waiting Anaconda. This will fail the mission. One can simply shoot him or catch up to him and capture him. After Carmona has been verified, Fiona congratulates you and a cutscene begins showning AN and PLA soldiers swarming into Venezuela while a news reader narrates, ending the report by saying that both the Allied Nations and China have issued bounties for Solano, dead or alive.

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