The entrance and train station of Sariwon

Sariwon is a small town located in the Southern Province of North Korea, featured in Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction.

The TownEdit

Sariwon is perhaps the smallest town in the Southern Province, if not, the entire game. The town is located along the road between Kaesong and Pyongyang and the actual town is west of Ichon and east of an NK Base. A train station is located right next to the entrance of Sariwon and contains a heavily armoured and armed military train near the platform.

Further south of the station, a North Korean Cargo Truck is seen parked nearby, seemingly broken down, with their drivers stranded, next to them are boxes of medical supplies, which they were presumably transporting.

Due to the train station and few buildings, it can be assumed that this town was used only for temporary residents or tourists travelling through the area. Sariwon could also be a transport drop-off point for supplies and other goods, supported by the fact that there is a truck located at a nearby NK base that offers a challenge to deliver a truck loaded with food-stuffs to Sariwon quickly.

The town seems to be continuously contended over by the SKU and KPA. Their forces are usually seen fighting on the road near the town, and it is not uncommon to see Sungri Scouts and K1025 Scouts exchanging fire with each other.

At the very back of the town, a monument can be found in the shape of an obelisk to commemorate General Song, along with a listening post located nearby as well as a WMD blueprint.

Contract: "Bait and Switch"Edit

During the "Bait and Switch" contract for the Russian Mafia, the player is sent to Sariwon during an arms deal overseen by Hong-do Seon-U, the Jack of Clubs. Along with the opportunity to verify the Jack of Clubs, the mercenary is tasked with recovering a FROG-7 missile truck inside the town and taking it to the Mafia chop-shop. Seon-U is protected by one ZSU-57 AA tank, and at least three BMPs, requiring some anti-armor weapons to deal with them, along with several emplaced machine guns. If the player successfully recovered the FROG-7 during the contract, the Strategic Missile air strike will become available for purchase.

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