The Saboteur is a custom motocycle created by Eva in Mercenaries 2: World in Flames.


The Saboteur is a motorcycle with a sidecar mounting a .50 caliber machine gun. Its speed is low to moderate and it's lacking in the agility shared by other motorcycles, but is certainly unique and somewhat stylish. Incoming fire will destroy it very easily.


This vehicle is a slower motorcycle-class transport with a gunner-controlled .50 caliber machine gun in a side car. It is only effective for run-and-gun missions with a second player as a side-gunner. AI gunners can also be easily shot by incoming fire, do not fire and kill efficiently. So full-frontal assaults are not advisable unless there are two players on the motobike.

Real LifeEdit

The Saboteur is based on the Zündapp KS750 motorcycle.


  • The Zündapp KS750 was used by the Wehrmacht in WWII.
  • The age, style, and origin of The Saboteur is most likely to be a nod towards the then up and coming pandemic game that is also titled The Saboteur, which features a vehicle similar to this one.
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