The SMG is a submachine gun used by rocket troops, armored vehicle crews and seamen of the People's Liberation Army in Mercenaries 2: World in Flames.


The SMG is a very potent weapon at close range, with similar damage to the Assault Rifle (AK-47/103 with 4 shots to kill a VZ regular soldier) though nowhere near as accurate, becoming far less effective at long ranges due to large bullet spread. It has a pretty high firing rate and a large 50 round magazine reduces the amount of reloading. It makes an excellent secondary weapon if your primary weapon is a high-power, high-accuracy weapon, such as a sniper rifle. That said, since the game places no limitations on which two weapons the player can carry, there are not many reasons to carry this weapon as opposed to an assault rifle-class weapon, especially considering that ammunition for the SMG can only be found in drops or on dead PLA vehicle crewmen.

PLA soldiers are the only infantry that replace the Pistol with SMGs making their armored vehicle crews, rocket troops and seamen much less vulnerable and more threatening when not fulfilling their primary role.

The SMG can be found in the PLA supply drop alongside the Bullpup Rifle. To acquire the SMG relatively early in the game, at the last checkpoint of the PLAV 'Jungle Cruise' speed trial contract there is a Bladesong Missile Boat with a squad of PLA infantry and seamen on shore with SMGs.

Real LifeEdit

This prototype Chinese SMG has yet to be adopted by the Chinese Military, but seems to be the primary Personal Defense Weapon of the PLA by 2010. It is a unique design with a top-loaded helical magazine like the American Calico and Russian PP-19 BIZON Sub-Machine Guns. The Chinese SMG is based on the Chinese Chang Feng CF-05.

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