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The Rogue Transport is a Universal Petroleum light transport helicopter that is featured in Mercenaries 2: World in Flames.


The Rogue Transport is the basic helicopter used by the UP Corporation. It is mainly used for transporting and delivering light supplies to areas quickly.

Its light armor makes it an easy target for anti-air weapons; however it is fast and small which gives it greater survivability than other helicopters of this type.


The Rogue, sporting no weapons, is unsuited for combat, and its light armor makes it vulnerable to anti-air weapons; however its speed and size make it useful in delivering supplies and a small number of troops to areas quickly, but have minimal enemy anti-air forces.

As with all other vehicles, the Rogue Transport has the benefit of being able to disguise the player has a UP pilot, thereby allowing the player to venture near UP forces without being attacked, if the UP is hostile towards the player.

Due to its quick speed, high maneuverability and cheap price this vehicle is useful throughout the entire game.

Due to being unarmed, the Rogue Transport is useful as enemies will not steal it from you during combat if you park is close by.

You can get one for free by accepting UN's "Give it A Whirl" mission, fail it and select "no" on "retry?" question.

Real lifeEdit

It bears a strong resemblance to the real life McDonnell Douglas MD520N NOTAR helicopter.


When you load an HVT onto this helicopter and let it take off, you can grapple it and never reach it, grappling forever, since it won't leave the map, and has been grappling the transport for half an hour, with no pattern in its flight) (This has been tested and confirmed with the Castro Transport helicopter after verifying an HVT.)

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