Repo Man is the seventh contract for the South Koreans and the first for them in the third quarter of Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction.


The contract involves interrupting the inspection of an SK electronic warfare vehicle by the Russian Mafia and then either destroying or returning the vehicle to the South Koreans.


  1. Interrupt Mafia inspection of the KIFV
  2. Destroy or recover the KIFV

Supplies & support givenEdit

The player is supplied with or given as support:

The ContractEdit

The value of the contract is $110,000 if the vehicle is destroyed or $160,000 if it is recovered. There is a five minute time limit from when the contract starts to when the player fails the contract.

If you go the Mafia HQ before accepting this contract, there is a Mafia SUV you can grab on the side of the Mafia Garage opposite the door you come out when you deliver a vehicle. That vehicle will get you past the gate and right up to the K200 Surveillance allowing you to switch vehicles in seconds. This can buy you just enough time to escape before they start shooting any heavy weapons at you. You escape the compound by swinging to the left side of the left-hand tower. Just ram the fence and keep going.

If you don't grab the SUV before taking on the contract, you can spend $16,000+ (depending on your relationship status with the Mafia) on an MG Technical. It will get you past the gate, as long as you have the proper disguise.


  • A "Repo Man" is someone who takes back an object from one party and returns it to another. This is essentially what the player does: Take back a vehicle from the Mafia and returns it to the South Koreans.
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