Bae Dokgo, the King of Hearts

Raw Materials is the ninth contract for the Russian Mafia and the third for them in the Northern Province of North Korea in the third act of Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The contract involves destroying a North Korean command bunker at the NK Garrison and then verifying the King of Hearts, which allows the Russian Mafia to gain access to valuable uranium deposits.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

  1. Destroy command bunker
  2. Verify the King of Hearts

BONUS: Destroy all NK SA-8 launchers in the garrison

Supplies & Support Given[edit | edit source]

  • Bunker Buster Bomb x1 - Free

The Contract[edit | edit source]

One of the SAM sites

As you approach the garrison the four SAM sites will be marked on your radar. One of them is immediately o the left of the garrison's entrance. Grab one of the Sungri Scouts patrolling the road outside and enter with a disguise. Drive past the recoilless rifle and take out the first SAM. There is an Md-500 nearby, but it will be easily taken out by the local AA network so leave it for now. During the fighting there is a chance another Md-500 will arrive as reinforcements, so be ready for him. Next up you should deal with the jammer located opposite the first SAM, at the end of the dirt road immediately to your right when entering the garrison. Take note of the various tents scattered around the garrison. These will infinitely spawn soldiers, sometimes armed with anti-air missiles, but they can fortunately be destroyed with either a grenade or any explosive.

Movinf further along the garrison you will see a large encampment, featuring two T-62 tanks, which will patrol around the area. Head south from here to find a lone SA-8 and destroy it. On the opposite end of the garrison will be another SA-8 with only a few troops around to defend it. If you destroy one of the T-62s, it is advisable to hijack the other, as it will prove useful, and there are few threats to it around other than recoilless rifle emplacements. The last SA-8 is on the edge of the hill in front of the main bunker, which can be easily taken out with a T-62.

The bunker

Once the last SA-8 has been taken out it's time to take down the bunker. Head up to the bunker on the hill and you should see the control vehicle jamming your radar ahead. Take it out with the T-62. with all threats neutralised, you can now take down the bunker with the free bunker buster airstrike. Once it crumbles the King will appear in the passenger seat of a Sungri Scout, with elite soldier driving and shooting. Don't stress because he just drives around the garrison and eventually comes to a stop in the middle. Kill the gunner, hijack the vehicle (shooting the driver runs the risk of shooting the King), and then verify the King to complete the contract.

The value of the contract is the value of the Face card, which is $250,000 alive or $125,000 dead. The bonus condition is worth $100,000. Completing this contract will make the GL Technical and MD-500 Scout (only if the bonus objective was accomplished) available for purchase from the Merchant of Menace.

Email Message[edit | edit source]

Sender: Fiona Taylor

Subject: Contract: 'Raw Materials'

NK forces have occupied a previously-abandoned garrison. Sergei assures us that the King of Hearts can be found there.


Contract Terms & Conditions

1. Destroy command bunker
2. Verify the King of Hearts

BONUS: Destroy all NK SA-8 launchers in the garrison

Bounty Value: $250,000 alive/$125,000 dead
Bonus Value: $100,000

Transcript[edit | edit source]

The player enters the HQ. Sergei is talking to Josef

  • Sergei: (in Russian) Think about it! Uranium is a very expensive metal, yes? And they've got all the facilities in the place! All we have to do is take it!
  • Josef: (in Russian) We are not miners. Moscow would not approve...
  • Sergei: (in Russian) Moscow! Josef, you worry too much. They're 8,000 miles away! Who cares what they think?

Sergei turns his attention to the mercenary

  • Sergei: It's time for us to scratch each other's backs. Your King of Hearts heads up a garrison sitting right on top of some rich uranium deposits. My uranium deposits. The King just doesn't know it yet. You let him know for me, right? Josef will fill you in on the rest.

The player remains in the HQ

  • Sergei: I wonder who I could sell that uranium to? Who would want it? How the hell do you run a uranium mining facility? Ah, I'll worry about that later.

The player still remains in the HQ

  • Sergei: No one else thinks this is a good idea, what do they know. They balk at every order I give. But they still fear Josef! They still do what he tells them to. Hmm...

The player continues to remain in the HQ

  • Sergei: Wait a little longer, huh? Maybe someone else gets your King.

The player accepts the contract

  • Fiona: I'm starting to wonder why Josef puts up with Sergei.
    • Chris:
    • Jennifer: I hear you. I can barely stand the guy, and I only have to deal with him in small doses.
    • Mattias: It's a Russian thing. Josef's a good lieutenant. He'll hold his tongue forever, if need be.

The player approaches the garrison

  • Fiona: The garrison's crawling with SAMs...taking them out would be a good idea, since you'll probably have to call in support to take down that fortified bunker.

The player destroys the bunker and the King makes his appearance

  • Fiona: There he is. Now you just need to get him.

The player verifies the King of Hearts

  • Fiona: King's been captured and verified. Good work.

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