The Raven Anti-Tank is a vehicle used by Universal Petroleum in Mercenaries 2: World in Flames.


The anti-tank variant is armed with a BGM-71 TOW missile launcher, strangely enough, the missile is not controllable but locks on, fires and impacts like an Anti-Tank Missile. It is easily recognizable due to the thick, green barrel and the large sighting device of the missile launcher. They are most commonly found near Maracaibo airport after it becomes under UP control.

The Raven Anti-Tank is an upgraded version of the Raven. Although its strength shifts from anti-infantry to anti-armor tasks, it does not feature improved armor, thereby making it dangerous to attack enemy vehicles with equally or more powerful weapons than the Raven Anti-Tank.


The Raven Anti-Tank being armed with an anti-armor missile launcher, is great for destroying vehicles and lightly armored targets, but is very ineffective against infantry. It is capable of destroying light tanks, although heavily armored tanks can resist several missile hits to their front armor.

The Raven Anti-Tank is only light armored, as it a truck, and therefore it is not suited for attacking tanks and other heavily armored and armed vehicles. It can however, engage limited numbers of vehicles such as jeeps, trucks and armored personnel carriers with good effect. Once all AT missiles are depleted it is almost useless, other than road killing infantry.


The Raven is based on the Chevrolet Avalanche and/or the Cadillac Escalade EXT (hYbrid).

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