Race allied hq to sk hq

The beginning of the race

Race from Allied HQ to South Korean HQ is a race challenge featured in Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction.

Challenge InformationEdit

"Can you get to the South Korean HQ before the time expires?
1. Time goal: 2:00
1. Remain in vehicle
Reward: $5,000
— In-game description before accepting the challenge

Challenge ConditionsEdit

The contract will be cancelled if:

  • The player exits the vehicle
  • The vehicle is destroyed

The contract is completed when the:


This challenge becomes immediately available once the mercenary leaves the AN HQ after completing Ante Up. It can be started by entering the M1025 Scout located in the HQ's parking lot.

Upon accepting the contract, the player must drive through the initial checkpoint near-by to start the two minute timer. The player must then pass through each checkpoint before the timer expires. Driving through a checkpoint will display the current time taken.

The drive itself is quite simple, with the only issues being other AN, SK or civilian vehicles driving on the roads, as well as the random Sungri Scout which shouldn't prove any problem other than an accidental crash.

Upon reaching the South Korean HQ in time, the player will be rewarded with a sum of $5,000. The player can keep the M1025 Scout. The player's time will be added in the "challenges" page in their PDA under "status."

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