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The Republic of Korea Army 707th Commando Unit is an elite South Korean special forces group in Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction.


All female, they are dressed in dark blue jumpsuits and berets, black armour vests, and black balaclavas. Armed with Covert SMGs, Prototype Rifles, Carbines, RPGs and a healthy supply of grenades, they are an extremely deadly force. When engaged with the 707th, the player should keep moving, and never move their aim. The elite task force will cut any threat down in mere seconds, unless faced with impossible odds.

They are sometimes encountered as officers, and will see through any disguise.


Regularly, the Commando Unit can be found inside Chongju, the Chongju farms, and Sinuiju Farms in the Northern Province. This area has been turned into a front-line battlefield, and 707th Commandos can be found engaging Chinese regulars and tanks.

They are found in both provinces, though more so in the North, with only a very small squad found in the southern province on the road leading towards The Black Gate from Ichon.

In the Northern Province they are more frequent and can be found defending most areas controlled by the SKU, including important areas such as the carrier ship, some military bases and farmland areas. During the contract where the player must defend the Chinese headquarters, the first wave of SK troops will come in Humvees; some of these will contain Commandos along with normal ROKA soldiers. Some of the commandos in this contract carry RPGs.


Real life[]

  • The ROKA 707th Commando Unit is based on the real-life 707th Special Mission Unit, a South Korean Special Forces unit specializing in Domestic Counter-Terror, Law Enforcement and Raids. Their battalion's nickname is "The White Tigers."