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Pyongyang Airport Incident
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The spy is rescued.
Conflict: South Korean-Chinese War, Song Initiative
Date: 2009
Place: Pyongyang Airport, North Korea
Outcome: South Korean operative rescued, Chinese-South Korean Conflict starts
Flag of South Korea.svg South Korea Flag of the People's Republic of China.svg People's Republic of China
Mitchell Buford Zhou Peng
Mercenary, possibly some escorts About 100 soldiers
none, possibly escorts several
South Korean-Chinese War

Pyongyang Incident - Nampo - Propaganda Village - Farm Village - Dandong

The Pyongyang Airport Incident was a brief engagement between the People's Liberation Army and South Korea.


The mercenary was employed by the South Koreans to rescue an important figure in the South Korean government that was held prisoner by the Chinese in Pyongyang Airport, which was heavily guarded. The mercenary (and some escorts) headed to the airport in a vehicle and crossed into the Chinese quarrantined side to rescue the prisoner, after checking three hangars. The target was taken, and the South Koreans fled the airport to Kaesong with their man. He was returned, and the relationships between South Korea and China drastically broke down.