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The insignia of the PMC

The Private Military Company is the company and faction the Mercenary is a member of in Mercenaries 2: World In Flames.


The Private Military Company is the business the player and Fiona Taylor start in Mercenaries 2: World in Flames during their stay in Venezuela.

The PMC seems to be an interchangeable name for Solano's Villa once it is acquired. This may be because the headquarters of the PMC is Ramon Solano's old Villa near the Maracaibo Coast Highway and south of Lake Maracaibo. The icon of the PMC is that of a yellow background with the symbol for "Spades" printed on it.

From that point on the PMC (Villa) becomes the player's main home for the rest of the game. You can enter the PMC and talk with your operatives and make bets with them for the completion of their challenges. The player learn new things from them by selecting the "talk" option when 'talking' to PMC member.

Eva's shop sells custom PMC vehicles that are unlocked by collecting spare parts.

Theoretically, the moment the PMC gets ownership of a Nuclear Bunker Buster, the company would probably be labelled as a Nuclear Terrorist Group. See the Wikipedia link.

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  • The spade on the insignia is most likely a reference to the "Song Initiative" from Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction. However, the Spade (particularly the Ace of Spades) has also been known to refer to as an omen of death, referring to their line of work. This could however, have a double meaning, as General Song tried to nuke the Western countries.
  • The PMC is likely a Private Limited Company since Fiona can be heard suggesting they they turn into a Public Limited Company when she says something along of lines of "You know, if this keeps up... the workflow I mean, we could go public, get investors, sell stocks".

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